Happy New Year!!!!

Some may notice that I am a little late with my felicitations. Apologies. Better late than never.

My time is being consumed by this….


I’m on the bed what’ya gonna do about it??????

Please note that it is not advisable to let a Jack Russell on your bed. The Jack Russell is bred to go to earth to flush out foxes and badgers for hunting….so NEVER allow him under your duvet whilst you are still in the land of nod or you may have a very undignified awakening.

Sid is very energetic….. needing 72hrs of exercise per day….which leaves very little time for this….


Special K

This poor ‘K’ has taken me over a month to complete…. and probably should have been posted to a friend in time for Christmas. I am ashamed of myself.

Anyhow…. 2016 is over. It was not the best of years. There was Brexit. There was/is Trump. On a personal note I found out that the man I sold my old cottage to was brutally murdered in my old home – on this floor that Mr Jimmy described as decidedly grubby. Reports of the murder were in the national press, and I found it both horrifying and disturbing. I have felt withdrawn ever since, and my good humour has somehow been dented. Mogwash began in that old cottage.

I will probably not write much calligraphy in 2017, I am not feeling the vibe for it, it’s a generic sort of art form in any case, and as soon as I tweak my writing to make it look individual somebody comes along and copies my tweaks without a by or leave or a credit. I am fed up with this sort of behaviour, so I give up on it. There I said it. Done with. I am fed up with feeling grumpy about it.

I mean to blog in 2017. I was a grumpy old bat in 2016, and the grumpier I am the less posts I write as I know they will be dismal dull like this one. I also mean to read more books. In between running around after Sid I have managed to read one book so far – YAY!!!


Look At Me – Sarah Duguid

Apologies for this book not being on a chair, but I read it on my Kindle app. Look At Me is about a grumpy posh girl with an eating disorder and father fixation who discovers she has a common as muck half-sister who has an OCD regarding cleaning. There is a bit of bitching, and some sulking, and the wearing of a very unpleasant silver frock, leading to slapping, flouncing off, and some good old-fashioned setting the bed sheets on fire – literally. It was very well written and I enjoyed it.

2016 RIP

35 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. Jon

    Bloody hell – murder, plagiarism, grubbiness, a burrowing dog and an unpleasant silver frock – it all happens in Cornwall! Positively Agatha Christie.

    I’m listening to “The People’s Songs” with Stuart Maconie on iPlayer, all about musical heartthrobs, and they’re at the David Cassidy era, so I recommend you do the same and cheer yourself up. Jx

  2. dinahmow

    That is a mot adorable little face! Yes, even on the white linen.Hello, Sid! (waves manically at a photo of a dog 10,000 miles away.)

    I know what you mean about putting in a lot of effort and self, then having someone else claim it is “theirs.” Give up the grumps and come back to the blogs!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Sid is such an angelic little sweetie…. even when he’s really naughty he’s cute. I got through half a chicken thigh today trying to teach him to sit…. he did sit eventually…. but like his mistress he seems to be very forgetful…. so tomorrow it will feel like starting from scratch!
      Yes, back to blogging full time, and hopefully I’ll get my spark back 🙂

  3. lisleman

    Apologies – not necessary. You get to create your own rules in blogging and readers should come without without demands.
    This murder in your former home is true? Wow, that is shocking and in a strange way scary.
    Comedy might be a good escape for 2017. Any chance of a future post with outrageous humour (note I included a second u) in your 2017 postings? I enjoy British humour.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Yes, Bill, sadly the murder bit is true. And most disconcerting…. difficult to get my head around. There were pictures in the press of the house… just Ack.
      I need to chill out in 2017… a bit of pampering to get myself back on form. Everything in 2016, both public events and personal, seemed to chip away at me leaving me rather battered and subdued -admitting this is the hard part!
      I will restore my good humour… hopefully!

  4. Mitzi

    I’m glad to see he has all his limbs, you can tell he adores you by the way his little head is cocked to one side, he taking in every word you’re saying to him. ‘There’s bin a mud’der Sid’ I bet you’re glad you don’t live there anymore. Murder At Scarlet Cottage sounds like a Daphne du Maurier mystery. Yorkshire Terriers are very popular in Spain, you see them everywhere walking with their mistress’ wearing pink bows in their hair, the dogs not the women, although you do see some sketches, I wonder if they know that they were originally bred for ratting.The Elephant Man had a touch of the ‘Look at mes’ about him by wearing a bag over his head, drawing attention to himself. I bought George Michael’s Ladies and Gentlemen on iTunes on the day he died and deleted half a dozen songs because they were too long and boring Cowboys and Angels was one of them along with Astrud Gilberto ‘the girl from Ipanema’ duet, eu não gusto. The thing I don’t like about those fridges is the name, you say to yourself ‘ I just fancy a bit of cheese’ go to the fridge, see the word SMEG on the door and decide not to bother I know some people like the savoury, but I’m not one of them.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      How did you know that I speak to Sid in my best Taggart accent??? You are remarkable Mitzi!!
      I don’t think Sid would have much truck with a pink ribbon – he would probably just try to eat it. He has already tried to eat my purse…. and my iPad. He is very reactive to digital alerts, which will be useful when I am deaf.
      Meanwhile…. How can you not like Cowboys and Angels??????? Quelle horreur!!!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Thank you, Mr Lax!
      Sid is a creature of extremes – he is a maniac from 5am to 10am, then he has a brief rest until about now when he turns into a maniac again until about 6.30pm when he crashes out until 5am the next morning…. give or take five or six toilet breaks. Thankfully he is more or less toilet trained now!

  5. eroswings

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Scarlet!

    The pic of the dog on the bed is a nice reminder that there are some good things in life. That balances out the bad things. It is disturbing to learn that a place you once called home was the location of violence and a crime scene–I can relate. It’s a disturbing and unreal experience–so many questions run in your mind. Just remember that what happened had nothing to do with you. Tragedies occur in life, and they happen to the people and places we know.

    But just as bad things happen in life, good things also happen. Don’t let the sad, bad things keep you from moving forward. Life is for the living, so live each day fully, embrace every day as an opportunity to do the things that you enjoy and be with those you love.

    The “K” is beautiful. And thanks for the book recommendation. Cheers and Best Wishes to y’all!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Thank you, Mr Swings!
      I am also at a funny age – which doesn’t help! The murder was such a shock….. like something out of Midsomer Murders [a popular UK crime drama set in a sleepy English villages]. I will keep reminding myself that it was nothing to do with me – thank you for understanding the very strange feelings I have about this.

  6. IDV

    Dogs are notorious devourerers of (and sometimes burrowers in) the space/time contimuum* and, it seems, the smaller the dog, the larger the meal (or tunnel). I hope you have a good supply of chicken thighs in for adorable little Sid?!

    The murder-house and copying (I wanted to write ‘plagerism’ but couldn’t face trying to spell it having only had half a cup of coffee so far this morning – I fancy it has a ‘u’ in it, but then it looked like ‘plague’) are both despicable, but they are both in the past now – Happy New Year! – so, yes, happy thoughts and more blogging for 2017.
    Your gilded K is absolutely stunning! I am now thinking of changing my name to something with a K in it. The copyer/copier can only dream of producing something so beautiful.

    Cowboys and Angels is my favourite George Michael song, although he always reminded me of Princess Di. I think it was the hair.

    :: aghast at lack of chair in post containing a book – consoles self by desperately imagining that the wooden leg in Sid pic (top left) is a chair leg ::

    * I did go back and spell it correctly after I realised it was wrong, but then I liked the ‘muum’, so changed it back again.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I had to look at the pic again to see what wooden leg you meant, Mr Devine – it’s actually part of an open door in the shadows!! A door that should be closed so that Sid can’t get on the bed!!!
      I think we should play merry with our spellings…. sprinkle ‘u’s and ‘s’s around liberally as if fairy duusst. We will know what we mean 🙂
      Yay! Another Cowboys and Angels fan!!

  7. batarde

    According to my copy of “Every Boys’ Big Book of Little Dogs”, the Jack Russell is “a cheerful fellow, always ready at a moment’s notice to throw himself with abandon into all manner of larks and capers. The perfect companion for the energetic lad”. Perhaps you could advertise for a kennel boy? My man Onions has a nephew who might fit the bill, come to think of it.

    Plagiarism is the mother of invention … have I got that right? Or imitation is the sincerest form of robbery. Confuses me. Doubtless the guilty party will be crushed by shame now, and will desist from wiggling her “g”s in the Scarletian manner forthwith.

    Regards, B.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I doubt the guilty party knows what shame is, Cousin Batarde, and has more passion for marketing than for anything artful, as is the way these days 🙂
      Sid is a very cheerful fellow….. I’m sure we would both benefit from the attentions of an energetic lad!

  8. llcooljoe

    Oh my the murder of the man in your old house would freak me out too.
    Yes 2016 wasn’t a great year was it? I look forward to you blogging more this year. Even if you are a grumpy old bat!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      This is good to hear, Joey. I am trying to shake the grumpiness, but I am at a funny age and it doesn’t take a lot to set me off narrowing my eyes and embracing the snarky 🙂

  9. Exile on Pain Street

    Why a Jack Russell? Did you not know what you were getting yourself into?

    How can you make a blanket statement like “no calligraphy in 2017” with a straight face? How can you know? I have a prediction, too. Within three months it’ll eat away at you and you’ll pick up your pens again. Bet on it.

    Cowboys and Angels is one of my favorite songs ever. It breaks my stupid heart.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I sort of knew what I was getting into with my Jack Russell…. I nearly went for a Staffy called Roger…. I think he would have been more of a handful. I have had Border Collies before, and a German Shepherd…. the Jack Russell is a completely different bag of biscuits!
      We shall see about the pens, Monsieur Pain, we shall see. I will still be writing to friends and doing the odd bit here and there…. but I won’t be putting so many pictures online…well probably not…. when I am grumpy I often throw the baby out with the bath water 🙂

      Yay!! Another who likes Cowboys and Angels!!

  10. hilaryprosser

    Happy 2017 to you Scarls and what an awful story about the murder, I’m so sorry, that sort of thing would totally shake me up. But that JR is gorgeous – have a lot of fun together xxxx

  11. Pat Mackay

    Oh I miss George and I miss Jimmy but most of all I miss MTL. It will – incredibly – be four years on Friday. I’m sure Sid will be a joy. I just can’t pick up poo.
    Have a Happy New Year dear Scarlet.

  12. Scarlet Post author

    Pat – Four years already? I miss Jimmy, [even though he was mercy free when taking the pee out of me!!] I thought maybe he would return at some point. I still ponder about Dr Maroon.
    The poo picking is for the time being under control!
    All the very best for 2017!

  13. Tara Sparling

    I was aware you hadn’t blogged for a bit, but not that you were back. Apologies for my own tardiness in replying but I was hatching a nefarious plot to steal your dog. Back soon. (Sorry about the icky stuff too.)


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