Fuzzy, Big, and Swinging

Yesterday I had a glance at my old blog and was distraught to discover that many of the YouTubes I had embedded into my posts were no longer available to view. Some of the adverts were no longer available due to breach of copyright….Ppfftttt! My poor old blog!! It now makes even less sense than it did before.

Anyhow, I came across this old post from 2009…. the video had gone but the comments were intriguing…. comments such as: With a bulge like that it can only be an advert for Hannigan’s Truss Boutique from Kevin Musgrove. I decided that it was imperative to trawl through YouTube to find a replacement copy of the video. This is the best I could find…. it’s even fuzzier than ever…. now he looks like he’s wearing no pants at all…but we still have the daring use of a light fitting to admire…

38 thoughts on “Fuzzy, Big, and Swinging

  1. Some times when I look at older posts, I greatly miss those readers who are no longer with us but I also greatly appreciate those who still are.

  2. Ah yes – I am constantly having to “repair” old posts. YouTube is so frustrating in the way profiles and videos (some of which, particularly when it comes to the type of music I generally post, may be many decades old) can disappear without warning for “copyright” reasons. Who the hell would want to claim copyright on “Mr Ding-Dong-Merrily-on-Low” and his chums, anyway? Jx

    • Jon, I am beside myself regarding breach of copyright regarding the adverts – how cheeky is that??? They force us to watch the damn things in the middle of our favourite programmes and then throw a hissy fit if somebody shares them on YouTube…. I mean… what is the world coming to??? Unless they are ashamed of their old ads or something? Beggars belief.

  3. now that was weird. He’s lucky he didn’t get his head knocked off by that swinging stage light. Didn’t royalty wear tights like that around the time of your King Henry VIII? I don’t think the codpiece is ever going to make a comeback other than for desperate rockers (maybe desperate politician should give it try too).

  4. That light fitting was hypnotic! Although I did wonder if some poor sod is up in the rafters somewhere pushing it like pushing a child on a swing – “Higher, Daddy. Higher!“.
    As for the bulge – perhaps it’s a dormouse or a small stoat? Whatever it is, it’s not a patch on this bulge!

    P.S. I have sporadic cleaning-up/updating flights through my dusty old stacks, too. I’ve had to replace this video three times now!

    • What happened to Chewits, Mr Devine??? I used to like those. They were very…er… chewy.
      I think our Fastway chap is definitely favouring the ferret or stoat look…. the kitten look is much more cute though!

    • And Pacers! Those white minty Chewit-like squares with three green stripes through them. Where did they go? Is there are sweet graveyard somewhere, I wonder?

      The kitten certainly is cute, but I think it served as a hindrance to window cleaning – he did a terrible job. Not that we’d care, of course…

      • Oh God, yes…. I was weaned on Opal Fruits and Pacers. I will have to do some confectionery research. I would quite like to own an old fashioned sweet shop at the seaside. Bon bons…. fruit salads…. and sherbet fountains…. and pink shrimps. I could also sell flip flops and bucket and spades. This is my dream 🙂

  5. Gracious heavens! The gentleman in the short film appears to have dipped himself in Liquid Trousers®. I must confess myself surprised at your choice of subject matter, Miss Scartle.

    Perplexedly, Citronella.

    • Apologies, Citronella! Although I am liking my new name, Ms Scartle has a definite ring to it, and the whiff of old fashioned primary school teacher [cheesy feet and chalk with a hint of lavender]. I will grow a bun and get a nice floral skirt from M&S.

      • Oh, take no notice Scarlet. Big Sis isn’t quite herself at the moment. Long story – involves ducks. She did say something about sending you a letter, but I shouldn’t worry unduly about that, given the track record. Does one grow a bun, by the way?

        Yours cousinlyly, B.

  6. I haven’t looked over my past posts in years…I don’t think I could bear it. But that’s just me.

    I’m just glad you’re still here! xx

  7. He looks a little like Marc Bolan. Not nearly as pretty though. As for the pants, no brilliantly perceptive comments spring to mind. For some reason, I recall PJ Proby’s split pants scandal and the rapid decline of his fledgling career. If you must wear over-tight pants, lads, make sure they’re from a competent seamstress.

  8. I never read my old posts, I don’t like how I sound. Weird I know.

    It doesn’t seem that impressive. His bulge I mean. Not in the same class as Axl Rose in those tight lycra shorts he used to wear.

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