About the Loopy Letters

In November 2017 I realised I was in something of a rut. I was bored and in need of a new project. But what could I do to fire up my brain cells? What could I find to focus my attention? I thought about the things I like to do. I like spending time writing calligraphy and I like spending time making up silly stories. How could I marry these passions in a meaningful way?

My easiest option would be to write out my torrid tales in calligraphy, but this idea didn’t really appeal to me. I wanted calligraphy to be a necessary feature of the project, and not just a decorative add-on, used simply for the sake of using it. And then it came to me, late at night, when I really should have been asleep, I would write letters. Fictional letters. And so, The 100 Loopy Letters Project was born.

The 100 Loopy Letters Project

With this project my aim is to write 100 letters. Each letter will be a work of fiction, written by a character I have created. Each letter will be written out in some form of calligraphy and, each letter will be posted. Yes, I will send these letters out into the wild to my friends, to family, and to strangers whose addresses are listed in the phone book, and perhaps I could send one to you?

At this point I am not sure whether the letters together will form a complete narrative, or whether they will be individual flashes of fiction. I will have to work this out as the project unfolds.

If you are interested in receiving a wonderfully calligraphed envelope containing a one-off, crazy loopy letter from one fictional character to another, then please contact me with your name and address. Come on, don’t be shy, you know you want to!

Best Wishes, Scarlet Blue x

Update: 14/06/2019

Apologies, but this project was derailed by family issues and was put on hold indefinitely. On the upside I did discover that my ambitions are often bigger than my abilities! I also discovered that I might like collage more than writing big blocks of calligraphy.

I AM sorry to all those who did take the trouble to get involved, and you never know, something bizarre might pop through your letterbox one day.