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Sorting through and out….

As I mentioned in a previous post I will be moving again… yes, again, both house and website…. this is confusing! Let me deal with the website issues first; I’ve decided to keep this as my calligraphy site and the more personal stuff reverts back to where it used to be, i.e. www.scarlet-blue.blogspot.com. Apologies for this, but it’s just not working with the calligraphy, not in my head in any case. I seem to be someone who can’t sit still for longer than five minutes… let’s face it, I moved house and home twice within the space of two weeks in 2012, but I don’t really like to dwell on that for too long.

General natter about calligraphy will stay right here. It isn’t going anywhere. But physically, yes it is! To a new home in North Devon. I will miss my studio here, I have been spoilt. From 2014 I will no longer be working from a proper separate studio, I will instead be working from a table in the dining room and I will no longer be able to say ‘In the studio today’, cos that would be fibbing. I am quite looking forward to writing ‘In the dining room today’, it will put a fresh spin on proceedings and the cake crumbs won’t look out of place.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to sort out my studio in preparation for the move…..

a compilation of calligraphy work

sorting stuff out….



Bits and pieces…

And I decided that I’d like to get this piece framed and maybe put it on the dining room wall.


…to be framed…

I hope all the moving palaver is clear? Obviously I am going to be fairly busy over the coming months, what with packing and Christmas and packing and unwrapping presents etc…

Oh…. one last piece of calligraphy…. this is for Wendy

black copperplate calligraphy

…love, laughter, peace…

This is what I’ve been doing….

…only I have been doing this for real. The sale of my old cottage in East Sussex completed at 9.30am this morning *claps hands like an overexcited seal in possession of a packet of cod fish fingers*, meanwhile I am still renting in Devon… BUT, I think I may have found somewhere lovely to buy… finally. I am really knackered… I meant to write a post about my demented obsession with Rightmove…. and how it’s more addictive than Facebook… and how I’d mentally lived in every type of house available – terrace, apartment, windmill, lighthouse, bakery, post office, hot air balloon, battleship, nuclear bunker, igloo etc,etc. I was going to explain how I cross reference Rightmove with Zoopla to extract the most information possible about every property that I’m interested in. The post I was going to write would have been lively, intelligent…and possibly witty… but I’m sorry… I can’t write it… because I am totally exhausted.

Anyhow, I’m now going to go back to sobbing with joy because the cottage is sold. And hopefully my addiction to Rightmove is now over. Please bear with me whilst I recover.