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For Dinah, Looby, and Jon…..

They don’t make adverts like they use to. Why is that? We were spoilt in the eighties, although the drinks being advertised were probably the forerunners of alco-pops, and really weren’t that nice.

I did indeed want to grow up to be Lorraine Chase, or Joan Collins. I dreamt of a future wafting around in floaty frocks and being invited to house parties to sup Campari with suitable beaus.
It wasn’t to be. These adverts weren’t made for me. Turns out that my future was a little more rugged and mud filled – more wellies and waterproofs than sequins and pearls. Never mind. I can still look back on the future that never was, and smile.

The above short paragraph has been sitting in my drafts file since the 27th April. I have no idea why I didn’t publish it. Jon is now on holiday for 10 days so he won’t see it – and that is the problem – our daily blogger, Jon, is away. Daily bloggers are lynch pins within blogging communities, and without them, even for a short time, communities can fall apart. In Jon’s absence I will try extra hard to publish some posts. Mr Devine is making an effort to post every Sunday, and even Dinah has popped up again. I think Sunday is a good day to choose for some regular blogging – I might even tackle a Wednesday as well! But maybe that’s simply another wild dream? Scotch mist, anyone?

Might as well write until September….

…because September is when I choose whether to renew my WordPress subscription. I may choose not to as I don’t feel I write enough posts to warrant the outlay. I am off the boil, or just plain off!
Curiously, I do keep a written journal, and now, an online journal. What the hell do I write there that I can’t write here??? Am I writing about the seething hotbed of sex and depravity in my locality? Am I disclosing hitherto unknown secrets about friends, neighbours, family, and Prince Harry? Am I a closet collector of fetish rubber wear??? Shall we see?? Shall I publish today’s entry???

Today’s Prompt: What is something I love about this season?

So far the season of Spring has not been very seasonal! Obviously I enjoy the extra light in the evenings and the sound of joyful birdsong in the mornings – or I would do if we had any.
This is a photograph from today:-

This looks more like December than April. It is giving me Christmas vibes. It is making me hanker for a fire in the wood burner and a warm blanket on the sofa. It is not making me want to shop for t-shirts and shorts.
I have just added my photographs to the BBC Weather Watchers site – everywhere else in Devon has blazing sunshine!!! What’s that all about??? I swear I even felt a spit of rain when I was out. It’s not fair!!
What I love about the season? The promise of summer, but 2023 isn’t yet promising me anything special.

There, not that exciting! You should all feel very grateful that I keep my blathering to myself.

An Unimportant Announcement…

This is not a post. This is an announcement to say that a new Wonky Words comment box is open for valued members of the Blogosphere to type words into. As ever, discussion will vary wildly, and will feature in depth analysis on controversial subjects such as:-

Cheese – Is it simply dangerous, or just another cost effective way to insulate the loft?

Pharmaceuticals – A healthy alternative to bar snacks, or just a long word beginning with ‘P’?

Knicker liners with secure fit technology – innovative, or just an expensive upgrade on a wad of loo paper?

Old blog posts – should they be left to rot in the dim and distant past, or brought up to date and refurbished for when you’re short of new ideas?

A tune….


Well how bloody quiet is it in my blog reader????? The only person making a daily effort is dear Jon! Nick pops up once or twice a week, but the rest of us are a complete blogging shambles – we are flickering in and out of the Blogosphere like a dying candelabra, and we are about to be snuffed out if we are not careful.

I will try to make amends. Since January I have made a few collages, including this one that has finally reached Maddie….

….I wasn’t sure if it was going to arrive – I send these collages out there never knowing for sure if they’ll reach the intended target. I’m pleased this one did as it’s one of my favourites.

And for my Copperplate Special Interest Group recipients, I sent the following….

….a self involved madam….

….a potential murder suspect….

….and an unbroken ink bottle….

….with added flashy calligraphy.

Obviously some of these little narratives are more melodramatic than others. I am liking the ink bottle for being short and sweet and for not meriting the need to feature in a novel.
I hope my CSIG friends don’t find my offerings too peculiar!

In other news: It is Spring. It is warming up. I have shaved my legs. I will be back on Sunday to share something riveting and not to be missed – though I haven’t yet made up my mind what that will be.

Let’s Write A Book!

And so the dystopian nightmare begins – I can no longer reserve a Waitrose delivery slot. Sigh. AND, the BBC have suspended filming Eastenders.

Anyhow, I have had an idea. Back in the day when blogging was fresh and new I worked on a project called Burning Lines with a cluster of writerly bloggers from around the world. It was organised by Kate Lord Brown [now a highly regarded published writer] and it was one of the funniest blogging projects I have ever been involved with.
There were about nine of us and together over the course of a month we took it in turn to write a book using the blogging format. The ongoing saga featured exploding dwarves, macaroons, mysterious parcels, and a couple of angels. Put it this way, some of us took it seriously… and some of us didn’t, but it was hilarious.
I was wondering if anyone would like to give it a go? If there is interest I will set up a blog [probably on Blogger] specifically for this project and give authors permission to post – like a joint blog.

Personally I feel like I need something fun to take my mind off this virus pandemonium thing. What do you reckon? If no one is interested then I will simply go off in a huff and write more Mogwash posts, so no worries.

New Post!!!!

…..or is it?

IS IT??? No seriously, it isn’t really. It is a holding post. I post that is to pop up to say: I am still here, but I am working through ‘stuff’, so I am not here really. I am kind of convinced that nobody else is here either. All gone.

Well, this all makes perfect sense.

I miss my mum.

I am in denial re Christmas, and the general election.

Here is one of my collages:-


I have been accepted to sell my wares on the new British Craft House website. I am HERE, but I am having problems setting up the payment whatnots… and what with the Etsy shop as well I am feeling like I’ve opened a small shopping precinct, and none of it feels right. All these marketing people are very jolly, and bouncy, and overexcitable, and I simply feel ill at ease and uncomfortable.

I don’t know what I am doing really. I just want to go somewhere and have a good cry. Then I’m sure I will feel better.


My dad died yesterday. So I will be away for a while having a good cry.