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An Unimportant Announcement…

This is not a post. This is an announcement to say that a new Wonky Words comment box is open for valued members of the Blogosphere to type words into. As ever, discussion will vary wildly, and will feature in depth analysis on controversial subjects such as:-

Cheese – Is it simply dangerous, or just another cost effective way to insulate the loft?

Pharmaceuticals – A healthy alternative to bar snacks, or just a long word beginning with ‘P’?

Knicker liners with secure fit technology – innovative, or just an expensive upgrade on a wad of loo paper?

Old blog posts – should they be left to rot in the dim and distant past, or brought up to date and refurbished for when you’re short of new ideas?

A tune….

Coming First

It has taken me many days to decide the ultimate winner of the ‘Did I Win Yet?’ competition, and some nights I have woken in a cold sweat wondering how I could resolve the conundrum, but I have finally made a decision. He may not be happy about it; he may fall to his knees in exasperation; he may flounce around for a bit and then go for a long walk to examine his groynes….but yes, the winner of the competition is Mr Devine! – Please be aware that you should never enter anything without accepting the very real possibility of coming first. And although Mr Devine is the ultimate winner, I still propose that we have some sort of Mr Lax festival in the future.

So that’s that then. I will be posting again at the weekend. I have news of the jolly variety! And an explanation as to why I might be posting less in February. Or I might be posting more – I haven’t quite figured that one out yet – though I might have it figured by July.

Meanwhile, I have been doing a lot of this sort of thing…

calligraphy-addressed-label-for envelope


….which is possibly why I haven’t been doing so much blog commenting.

And here is a tune…