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All Better….

Thank you for your well wishes – they worked, I am now well, other than a bit of a sniff. Having Covid was an experience – it was like having a cold and the flu at the same time, the one blessing was that although it was intense it was also short lived. It felt like it went on forever but in reality I was only glued to the sofa for about a week. My advice if you catch it is to do absolutely nothing until the worst of it passes and that way you will probably heal faster. Most people already know this! I was thankfully very late to the party.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get back into calligraphy and being a little bit creative. I feel very bland and unimaginative – but I managed to make this….

Car Crash

And when the sun came out [briefly] it was time to make hay leaving the view green and pleasant…

Pretty Colours


As a bonus, and because I’ve been sifting through old photographs, here is a picture of me that I managed to develop from a very old negative with help from a iPad app.

Someone give her an After Eight…or a Campari

Happy Easter!

I have finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy, and have tested positive for The Covid. Please forgive my lack of blog visiting – my head hurts and I feel dizzy. Bad throat, though not too bad, and thankfully no coughing.
Typical though – first beautiful weekend in the UK and I am glued to the sofa.
I will be back doing the rounds soon.

Sunday Scenery

I am rather pleased with these photographs because I had no picture on my phone screen when I took them. I simply pointed my phone in the direction of the darkening clouds and tapped the button, et voila, two pictures of a rain soaked morning. I was rather thrilled to discover that I’m better at taking pictures blind than when I can see the end result.
Anyhow, I did get soaked. Maybe my phone is broken because I keep getting it wet?

Should I get a new phone???

I have not recovered from Christmas and I’m rather grumpy that it’s now all over. I am also grumpy because I have a Frozen Shoulder. I had heard of this affliction before having it myself, but didn’t realise how painful it is. IT IS BLOODY PAINFUL. And, of course, it’s something that the doctors can do little about. They say it’s something I should be free from in a couple of years time. Well, isn’t that good to know?! Meanwhile, I am finding ever inventive ways for getting dressed and undressed. I blame incorrect injection technique from my last Covid booster in December 2021 – NOT THE VACCINE, but the way the injection was given. The pain from the jab seared down my arm and into my hand – I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. My arm has hurt since then. Throughout the summer I waited for it to get better, but instead I gradually lost mobility in my left arm. I am waiting to see a physio. The problem is that I’m now rather fearful of injections, given that my first Covid shot was also painful. I just want one of those ‘didn’t feel a thing’ jabs that everyone else has been raving about.

Anyhow, this is why I haven’t blogged much. I am grumpy. So my New Year’s resolution is to perhaps try to be a little less grumpy. Maybe a new phone would cheer me up?

A tune…

Sunday Ketchup – The Cancelled Week

Who would have thought that cancel culture would catch up with Santa and cancel him?! That’ll teach him to invite small children into his grotto. Anyhow, Christmas has not yet been cancelled, but it could be on the cards, and talking of cards – mine are in the post!

Admittedly, I am too late for Italy and the US, but as Christmas might be postponed then I guess these cards still might get there in time.
It was a joy to ink the name ‘Borghese’ – ascenders and descenders in all the right places!

AND, my tree is up!

In my very secret journal I wrote: The sofa has arrived!!!! The delivery men launched it into the hallway and fled, hopefully leaving no time to exchange particles of Covid.

And in the very last email I wrote I said: I honestly could have slept from the moment they jabbed me in the arm – I sort of glazed over, and although still functioning I didn’t feel quite right. Much more myself today.

BUT, that was on Monday, and to be fair the rest of the week was a bit of a spaced out blur, and I only really started feeling okay yesterday – though I’m still pleased I had the booster, BUT, not so keen on the idea of having one every 3-6 months.
Because I have been indisposed, I think I now need to catch up with my blog reading…..

A tune….