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Sunday Ketchup – The Cancelled Week

Who would have thought that cancel culture would catch up with Santa and cancel him?! That’ll teach him to invite small children into his grotto. Anyhow, Christmas has not yet been cancelled, but it could be on the cards, and talking of cards – mine are in the post!

Admittedly, I am too late for Italy and the US, but as Christmas might be postponed then I guess these cards still might get there in time.
It was a joy to ink the name ‘Borghese’ – ascenders and descenders in all the right places!

AND, my tree is up!

In my very secret journal I wrote: The sofa has arrived!!!! The delivery men launched it into the hallway and fled, hopefully leaving no time to exchange particles of Covid.

And in the very last email I wrote I said: I honestly could have slept from the moment they jabbed me in the arm – I sort of glazed over, and although still functioning I didn’t feel quite right. Much more myself today.

BUT, that was on Monday, and to be fair the rest of the week was a bit of a spaced out blur, and I only really started feeling okay yesterday – though I’m still pleased I had the booster, BUT, not so keen on the idea of having one every 3-6 months.
Because I have been indisposed, I think I now need to catch up with my blog reading…..

A tune….

The Sunday Ketchup – Booster week!

I have had my booster. I had it yesterday, so my arm still aches and I still feel a little groggy. I had my first Covid vaccine [AstraZenneca], way back in March and at the surgery I attended there was a feeling of hope; this time round there was more a vibe of resigned gloom. It has been a bad week for Covid news.

There was another storm called Barra on 7th December – so more guffs of wind and more rain and therefore more mud. I was going to entitle this post ‘A Barra of laughs’, but thought better of it.

Meanwhile, I have finished writing the Christmas card addresses!!! Yay!!! All went well until Friday when I spent the day writing one address – this happens with my calligraphy – sometimes it just doesn’t look right, or good enough, so I spend hours trying to make it look at least okay. At the end of the day I might have 26 versions of the same address that look identical. So silly. When I do this it means I have broken my ‘no rewrite rule’.
In my Very Secret Journal I wrote: I vow to never write calligraphy again!

And on a different day I wrote: I think I’m allowing my inner teenager to dictate my choices.

From my emails I wrote the following: I read The Guardian’s report that GPs are working ’til they drop – so was surprised when my doctor gave me time to bring up my knee issues, he usually swerves anything off-topic, and controls the conversation so that it ends when he wants it to – I think he’s okay so long as I don’t allude to the menopause.

Photograph of the week:-

My Money Plant is in bud!

My Money plant is about to flower – I guess this is a good thing?

Finally, no collages due to the calligraphy overload, but a tune. I think I need a tune to cheer me up – something to give me a bit of an extra boost….