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Taking Steps

Here is an example of how many steps I usually take when taking my beloved hound for a walk….


My normal walk…

And here is an example of the steps I will take when avoiding someone who has annoyed me….


Taking steps….

This suggests that I do actually have a streak of determination threading through my veins, but unfortunately to access it I have to be annoyed.

Meanwhile, I have an exciting new series of posts to slap up! I will save the details for later as I do not want to exhaust my readers by giving them an overdose of thrills, but put it this way, it is a series to rival A Book on a Chair!!! I know, crazy talk.

Right, better go out and walk for several miles. Smoke me a fish finger, I’ll be back for supper!


Imust apologise for my absence, I have been overwhelmed by requests for my calligraphy mentoring service and I now have a wide variety of people trapped in my attic eating gruel and sucking on nibs. To be honest I am fed up with the whole thing. They are making an inordinate amount of noise and I suspect that one of these various people is a dance teacher, such is the thumping. Or perhaps they are trying to escape, who knows?

I am writing this post to pledge a promise in response to those who have sent me emails pleading for an update on Charmaine’s calligraphy progress [you know who you are], and I hereby promise to show up at this screen every Wednesday and publish something… anything. Even if I am away on my yacht in the middle of the Med, or up to my elbows in hospital grade rubber sheeting, I promise to provide a discourse of some description. Next week I will publish Charmaine’s first marks with a Mitchell nib; I will ponder the Eurovision Song Contest, and I will have clean toilets throughout the house – yes, some of those calligraphy students need to learn some basic cleaning skills.

Because I have yet to figure out how to upload pictures on my new laptop, which I received on my 100th birthday the Monday before last, here is a Youtube featuring a tune wot I quite like….

Until next Wednesday, may all your pickles be edible.


People often ask me [they don’t, but let us pretend that they do so that I can write a post about something nobody has ever asked me about], Scarlet, why is it that you chose a picture of Clara Bow to be your avatar? And I tell them this: It is because of my 1985 British Rail travel pass. The picture of me on my travel pass reminds me of a specific picture of Clara Bow, though not the one I use as an avatar. The Clara Bow image I’m referring to is this one:-

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

For some reason it reminds me of this…. I dug this out especially to see how they compare…

Me with British Rail tattoo...

Me with British Rail tattoo…

Now that I have seen them together I really don’t know what I was thinking… possibly the only thing we have in common is a passion for backcombing our hair…and I doubt Clara ever needed the services of British Rail… she is wearing fur… whilst I am wearing something grubby from C&A… she had her photograph taken by an world class photographer; I had mine taken in a photo booth at Liverpool Street Station; she knew how to apply lipstick whilst I had a wicked way with a chapstick… Clara was a redhead, whilst my hair has ALWAYS been brown with a hint of auburn…

Anyhow, although I have concluded that I have little in common with Clara Bow other than a moment of fuzzy hair, I am going to keep her as my avatar… for the simple reason that I like what she had to say about dogs.