Imust apologise for my absence, I have been overwhelmed by requests for my calligraphy mentoring service and I now have a wide variety of people trapped in my attic eating gruel and sucking on nibs. To be honest I am fed up with the whole thing. They are making an inordinate amount of noise and I suspect that one of these various people is a dance teacher, such is the thumping. Or perhaps they are trying to escape, who knows?

I am writing this post to pledge a promise in response to those who have sent me emails pleading for an update on Charmaine’s calligraphy progress [you know who you are], and I hereby promise to show up at this screen every Wednesday and publish something… anything. Even if I am away on my yacht in the middle of the Med, or up to my elbows in hospital grade rubber sheeting, I promise to provide a discourse of some description. Next week I will publish Charmaine’s first marks with a Mitchell nib; I will ponder the Eurovision Song Contest, and I will have clean toilets throughout the house – yes, some of those calligraphy students need to learn some basic cleaning skills.

Because I have yet to figure out how to upload pictures on my new laptop, which I received on my 100th birthday the Monday before last, here is a Youtube featuring a tune wot I quite like….

Until next Wednesday, may all your pickles be edible.

35 thoughts on “News….

  1. I wouldn’t know a Mitchell nib from a Gherkin. Are foreign exchange students accepted? Or at least a calligraphy correspondent course?

  2. I hope it’s not a dance teacher. Has it come to that? Do you have to teach a dance teacher? That sound awful.

    Careful about making promises. Your credibility tips in the balance.

    Did we miss your birthday? That’s awful. You should have told us earlier. Happy, etc.!

  3. Oh! I’m quite overwhelmed now.I didn’t know about the birthday, so don’t feel I ought to apologise for missing it.But,as I miss birthdays all over the place, can I get in now with next year’s happy apology?
    Did you know that Australia is now involved in that silly Song Contest? All that work Mr. Flinders and Mr.Cook did to show that Terra Australis is nowhere near Europe and these daft arses have mucked it all up…

    • I am also rubbish at birthdays – mine and others!!
      Australia being invited to the Eurovision is a cunning ruse. Obviously they will win, meaning that they will have to host next year’s contest, at great expense… and the Europeans can have a jolly jaunt down under. Win, win!!!

  4. Your letter from Her Mage celebrating your 100th is in the post. It’s late as she can only afford second class stamps these days… I’ve always wondered what it might be like to lick the back of your own head!
    I’ve also been wondering if your hoard of potential calligraphic students were not merely the local Morris Dancing troupe seeking a rehearsal space… nevertheless…. It is worrisome that Charmaine now has so much to distract her from her studies

    • Morris Dancers???!!! Good heavens… or perhaps it’s those cursed Mogwash Mimers… or a collection of Morris Minors… Or perhaps the Queen has taken roost up there??? This would explain the yapping.

  5. As to the euroVision thingy. We are sending our most highly qualified singing optometrist from Down Under! I believe he has his eyes on the prize….

    • Indeed, Mr Mags! This is what we both need – a structure of some description…. perhaps a sculpture garden…. or a new bird bath… something solid, reliable and user friendly.

  6. If there is room for a retired opera singer in your class count me in. Unfortunately I’m totally broke, but I’m very good a baking. And I raise silkworms too. They do eat a lot of lettuce.

    Do you grow lettuce in your garden, Ms Scralet?

    Tea biscuit, anyone?

    • Jon!!! Yes! A retired opera singer sounds like a wonderful proposition, especially if he knows his way around floury baps.
      Carrots. I grow carrots. So maybe I could get some rabbits?

  7. I hope your attic floor is waterproof? All those people eating gruel while dancing and practising calligraphy is just a recipe for disaster! Or is that where the hospital-grade rubber sheeting comes in?
    Anyway, a thousand apologies for misplacing your birthday. I hope it was spendid despite the sneezes.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing The Temples – I’ve listened to them three times now and am on the verge of dancing (possibly dad-like). Don’t look!

    • Oh, Mr Devine! Apologies, I have missed you out!
      No worries, I had a splendid birthday when I recovered, and I now have enough hospital grade rubber sheeting to last me until next September. Always a worry.

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