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All Better….

Thank you for your well wishes – they worked, I am now well, other than a bit of a sniff. Having Covid was an experience – it was like having a cold and the flu at the same time, the one blessing was that although it was intense it was also short lived. It felt like it went on forever but in reality I was only glued to the sofa for about a week. My advice if you catch it is to do absolutely nothing until the worst of it passes and that way you will probably heal faster. Most people already know this! I was thankfully very late to the party.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get back into calligraphy and being a little bit creative. I feel very bland and unimaginative – but I managed to make this….

Car Crash

And when the sun came out [briefly] it was time to make hay leaving the view green and pleasant…

Pretty Colours


As a bonus, and because I’ve been sifting through old photographs, here is a picture of me that I managed to develop from a very old negative with help from a iPad app.

Someone give her an After Eight…or a Campari

More Sharing…. [Also known as: The time when Scarlet overshared]

Yes, I am in ultra-share mode!! I apologise for the following pictures, I will remove them soon as, and I rarely take selfies, BUT, I seem to be a rare creature who actually looks better in colour than in black and white!!! The black and white filter does not suit me [sob].
I also apologise for the moth-eaten cardy, I call it my dog-cardy and I promise that I NEVER wear it outside the house. And the background…. well, when I took the pic I didn’t intend to publish it on the blog. And my hair was damp. And my eyebrows are mostly drawn in, though they have grown back a bit.
Anyhow, to destroy all mystique, this is me. Hello.

Normal service will be resumed soonish, i.e. one post every five months, and I shall throw a heavy blanket over this ghastly episode, which in future posts will be referred to as: The time when Scarlet overshared.