This is what I’ve been doing….

…only I have been doing this for real. The sale of my old cottage in East Sussex completed at 9.30am this morning *claps hands like an overexcited seal in possession of a packet of cod fish fingers*, meanwhile I am still renting in Devon… BUT, I think I may have found somewhere lovely to buy… finally. I am really knackered… I meant to write a post about my demented obsession with Rightmove…. and how it’s more addictive than Facebook… and how I’d mentally lived in every type of house available – terrace, apartment, windmill, lighthouse, bakery, post office, hot air balloon, battleship, nuclear bunker, igloo etc,etc. I was going to explain how I cross reference Rightmove with Zoopla to extract the most information possible about every property that I’m interested in. The post I was going to write would have been lively, intelligent…and possibly witty… but I’m sorry… I can’t write it… because I am totally exhausted.

Anyhow, I’m now going to go back to sobbing with joy because the cottage is sold. And hopefully my addiction to Rightmove is now over. Please bear with me whilst I recover.


34 thoughts on “This is what I’ve been doing….

  1. Congratulations! Ah – tears of joy!
    It’s so exciting to peep into homes and to imagine oneself in new houses. I now and then have a look at the houses listed as protected historic monuments on the market (and some are real terrible dumps!). But best are photographs the sellers put up so showing their actual interior …

    • There will be cake! Or Cheesecake… talking of upside down crumble… is Mr Lax ignoring me *hurt and confused* Is he mad at me for not posting his competition prize yet???? It will be done. Soon. Ish.

      • Letters, never a letter
        I get no letters in the mail
        I’ve been forgotten, yes, forgotten
        Oh how I wonder, how is it I failed

        Mr Lonely
        Bobby Vinton

  2. Oh! Super-excited for you. It’s been a very long and arduous road. But now, have a cup of tea and a quiet lie-down and then get back to posting witticisms about local amenities.Please?

  3. It’s funny how good things leave me just as knackered as bad things!!
    I will be back in gear again soon… I hope… at least the Rightmove addiction is over… more or less…

  4. What lovely news… you can now focus on what you really want now.
    I’m focussing on getting to the shop to buy some milk in time for my morning coffee… that’s all I really want at the moment…

    Living closer to the Atlantic should make it much simpler to find a fish to throw at your next outburst of clapping Ms Scarlet…

  5. Dear Scribbler, please promise me you will stay in Englandshire and never venture further than a 5 km radius of your current abode. I fear property prices will plummet alarmingly should you wish to spread your wings anywhere outside of the village of Little Strawberry Muff on-the-hill. (currently twinned with Royston-Vasey)

  6. I often look around this Old People’s home I live in, that’s getting more and run down by the day, and wonder who the hell is going to buy this piece of sh*t when we put it on the market to sell.

    So well done to you!!

    • To be honest, Mr Joey, I can’t believe that someone bought my grade II listed shed. I recall you put in a new bathroom? My house barely had a functional kitchen!

    • Yes… indeed… For this Youtube I was going to write a short story about the cat burgling days of my youth, which ended tragically when I got my french knicker elastic caught on a rusty nail. I still have the scars.

  7. I am afraid MsScarlet for mentioning a bad news, but over at the tittle-tattle (former a told truth), there should be videos showing you (!) performing your skills, yes? But It does actually not work, at least for me. I have the actual adobe-thing-version. Maybe I did not wait long enough? But all I get when clicking on it is a black square. This may be thought provoking and all, but I’d prefer to have a glimpse at you. Just saying.

  8. I’m so happy for you about the sale – sounds an incredibly relief for you! I once read an article about someone ( a guy actually) who kept on going to Open Homes for years after he bought his house. These days its common and now you’re going to get me hooked!

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