We Interrupt this Blog Silence…..

…..to bring you two pictures of a hedgehog. Mr Devine has cornered the market on big sky and cormorants leaving me with nothing to work with other than a hedgehog…. so there you go… if you stare at a blog long enough eventually something new will appear. But perhaps not what you expect nor want.




Still snuffling…

And for those keen on pen marks and calligraphy, some recent work….


Scruffy knickers…


Addressing envelopes…

I will now make Ye Olde Blogging promise about updating more frequently in future etc, etc… etc…. blah, blah, blah…. *sincere well meaning face on head that is furiously nodding*…..

100 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Blog Silence…..

  1. Aww… Hedgepig! It’s been years since I’ve seen a live one. Sadly, I’ve seen loads of dead ones in the road…

    As Mago has already beaten me to the “frosty knickers”, all I have to say is “Bananas”!

    P.S. Sorry for the Cormorant-hogging.

    • I am breeding hedgehogs in the garden, Mr Device, they have set up home in a discarded hedge. With trimmings.
      I will save my blurry cormorant for Christmas, when there will be extra trimmings and brussel sprouts.

  2. “Cormorant-hogging” sounds like a good title for a blog. Or a self-help manual. Jx

    PS I just inadvertently clicked “Like” before I found the comments, which is all very bloody F***book, isn’t it?

  3. Well! Pooh-bah and bungalow! Gazumped TWICE on the “frosty knickers” response.
    But such a sweet little Hodge, snuffling his(her?) way around.
    I think it calls for cake!

    • What is this ‘Aldi’ of which you speak, Mr Nikos?? Have you forgotten my legendary fridge post already…. granted it was a few years back and on a different blog, but surely it was memorable?? I will find a link to show you what to store in a fridge….. and perhaps I should do a recap….

  4. It’s easy to be brave when one dresses in spikes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We don’t have hedgehogs over here in Canada, just the much larger and spinier porcupines. (Watch out for their tails ~ they whack you with that and you are impaled many times over with nasty barbs!)

    Frosty Knickers are just what is needed in a Glorious January! Keep them in the freezer compartment, Scarlet, far away from moldy anything.

    I recall both the bottle and Smeg blog posts! If you keep this up, you will just need to hit the ‘repeat’ button on your blog to do all the recaps.

    Glad to hear from you again. I am just as remiss as you. Now I feel I must think up something to post on mine…

    • Oh please post again, Ponita! I miss blogging and bloggers. Blogging feels so much more…. civilised….than other forums.
      Yes, when in need of a post I will simply rehash something older! Why not? TV channels do it all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Not 100% with you on reality shows, Bill. I am besotted with Googlebox – I guess it’s not a proper reality show though. Do you have a US version?
        The premise is HERE

      • I followed the link. Sounds a bit interesting. My problem with reality TV is that typically it is not real. It is often scripted.
        I don’t follow reality TV much at all here. But I do know that con artist Donald the Trump made money on reality TV.

      • Oh crikey, yes, he did. I am very bored with our version of The Apprentice. I only like real reality shows…. I don’t get the scripted ones such as the ‘Real Housewives’ series – those are just bonkers, I sometimes watch them with morbid fascination…

  5. Those hedgehogs are so cute! Are they dangerous like the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog?

    Frosty Knickers sounds like the title of an Infomaniac Book Of The Month Club selection!

  6. Funny but I always think hedgehogs ought to be blue & super speedy–all thanks to Sonic the hedgehog video games…These naturally brown ones look quite charming…though the spines would give me pause before attempting to pet them.

    The writings look beautiful as always.

    • Oh Mr Swings, they are not fond of being handled, so it’s fine to admire them from a distance.
      Do you remember Mrs Tiggy-Winkle – Sonic the hedgehog’s Great Great Great Grandmother???

  7. what came first the hedge or the hog? If I stare at that sentence long enough eventually a joke will appear.
    Since they dig burrows, why do they always look so clean? I would not make for a clean hedgehog.

    • Well, Bill, I have been researching hedgehogs and they are very clean – no dander! And their fleas are species specific. BUT, they are not supposed to be wandering around in gardens during daylight hours…. so this one must have had its nest disturbed. He/she looked happy enough, and hopefully found somewhere for a snooze. There are plenty of hedges here!

      • I assume you like them in your garden. Now raccoons here are cute but I can’t stand them in my garden since they destroy things like porches, attics, etc. Maybe these cute hedgehogs are nicer to the property owners.

      • I do like the hedgehogs, Bill, they are harmless…. we have nothing like raccoons here!! They do look cute! The closest we have to destructive critters are squirrels…. they can cause havoc if they nest in the roof, but mostly our wildlife is tame by comparison.

  8. Hedgehogs have the right idea – do everything at a sedate, leisurely pace and leave the frantic rushing around to those neurotic humans.

    Frosted knickers? When I were growing up, it were that cold it were frost with everything. Frosted condoms were no joke, I can tell you.

  9. I spent quite a lot of time steering at the first photograph of the hedgehog thinking if I looked closely enough I might see it make a hedgehog style print to the edge of the picture but nothing. Perhaps I caught it in the middle of one of its much needed naps. Hope all is good with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hedgehog prints…..? Now there’s a thought, Mr Ducks! I am well, Mr Ducks…. bit dazed and confused, bit puzzled that Strictly Come Dancing is about to start again, which means that we are starting the run up to Christmas. What a year.
      Hope all is good with you?

    • Ms Roses – So have I!!! I can’t even remember how many I’ve made!! Oh well. We must be the ‘muddle through’ sort of people – i.e. not good at sticking to plans!!

  10. As per your last post, surely there are millions upon besquillions to be made from immortalising the truly ridiculous or offensive in calligraphy, Scarlet. Or is my dawning realisation laughably late to the party, and you are in fact blogging from your offensively and ridiculously large chateau in the South of France as we speak?

  11. I’m haunted by knickers just now. An old chum had a hissy fit because she didn’t like her knickers just as we were taking her out for a Birthday lunch. All was well in the end.

  12. Just to add more to your “tiny changes” – Whatever you wrote behind “Will be back shortly ” does show up on my screen as little rectangle. Chances are very good that this is a mistake on my side (because I use a strange operating system and browser), but I just wanted to let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. To make things more complicated : I just used another computer that runs windows 10 and the google chrome browser – and all the smileys are smileys !

  14. I was halfway through my swim a little earlier, and I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t visited your blog to see the amazing thing of which you had hinted at. So, now back at home, and an hour later, I have suddenly remembered again (how quickly I forget things) and here I am. I like the new theme – everything is so big and clear – but where is the thing? Are you gilding a cormorant, Ms Scarlet? Is that why this is taking so long?

    • Apologies, Mr Devine, I have been called upon to do some emergency calligraphy… but I will do my best to slap my post up before the weekend is up.
      Does The Book of Shadows mean anything to you?

      • The Book of Shadows? That new-fangled clap-trap the “yoof” are into?! Gerald Gardner has a lot to answer for! Why, I-
        Hang on. The Host is telling me not to be such an old stick-in-the-mud!

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