Where is my Loopy Letter?

Where is your Loopy Letter?

….I hear you ask. Fear not, it will turn up eventually. I have been having a harsh Winter due having no central heating and therefore I have not been able to get on as I would like. Also, I have been navel gazing and pontificating over how I’d like to present these letters… I know, you just want to receive one in the damn post, preferably in an envelope with your address emblazoned on the front, but, I was thinking that perhaps I should include a certificate of authenticity??? I then I forgot about writing Loopy Letters and started fannying about designing a simple certificate to go with the non-existent letters…
It will all come good. Promise. Also, I really enjoy making these….


Weird collage thing….

…so some people may receive one of these.

Other Letters

Although I am very behind [still at the starting gates!] with the Loopy Letters, I have been taking part in exchanges with other calligraphers. I generally practice writing an address on my Rhodia pad before writing it for real on the envelope – just to see how all the letters fit together. What bugs me is that my practice piece is often more fluid than my final version. I think this relates to my ongoing performance anxiety. This is the lively practice piece…


My jaunty practice piece….

….full of bounce and attitude. And this is how the address turned out on the envelope….


The ‘Oh my goodness someone might see me!’ final piece.

As soon as I know someone is going to see my work I become self-conscious and a lot of the jaunty attitude is lost. It’s something for me to work on, apart from the more I work on something the more self-conscious I become! Aargghh!

And Finally…

This is another major distraction and another reason why things are slow to happen in my world…



This is my mad dog. His name is Sid. He needs 5 miles of walking every day. Currently he gets closer to 3 miles. EVERY DAY. Yes, I have been out in the harsh Winter weather, I have felt every biting wind on my face, and every dollop of snow on my head. Put it this way – I am not an outdoorsy sort of person, and each day when I return from my walk I collapse in a heap and I am fit for nothing. To be fair, what I have achieved so far is a flipping miracle.


I am still working on the Loopy Letter project!! I have not forgotten!! I have not given up!!!

12 thoughts on “Where is my Loopy Letter?

  1. batarde

    Oh my, isn’t Sid looking grown up these days? No doubt all those bracing walks will be doing you a power of good.

    Your envelope looks super to me, and let’s face it practically all calligraphers probably suffer from performance anxiety. My jauntiest letters are the ones which fill in the crossword (and spell out acerbic comments next to it now and then). Perhaps by the time you’ve reeled off the 100 Loopy Letters you’ll have developed a devil-may-care insouciance …


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Sid looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, doesn’t he, Mr Batarde? The truth is that he has more energy than the National Grid! I find it difficult to keep up with him. And the bracing walks are taking their toll on my poor knees.
      I love the word ‘insouciance’ ! Something to aim for then.


  2. eroswings

    Write when you can. The letters look beautiful. I applaud your efforts. It is quite a complex project. I would’ve been lazy and used postcards instead. Enjoy your walks. It is time well spent with your dog. I’m sure he loves the company.


  3. Scarlet Post author

    Thank you, Mr Swings! I probably have bitten off more than I can chew… BUT, I still think it’s a good idea.
    I didn’t enjoy today’s walk. Too cold and I nearly got run over by a tractor…


  4. Exile on Pain Street

    I can’t speak for everyone else but I can assure you that I *never once* thought you’d given up. It will unfurl itself like a beautiful rose petel. Bloom in its own good time. Patience, and all.

    So are you implying the finished product lacks a certain attitude? Because to my untrained eye it looks like a stunning example of craftsmanship and talent.

    I gave up walking when the dog cast off her mortal coils and I acquired two cats.

    Litter box < cold walks.


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Thank you, Monsieur Pain!! And thank you for your encouraging words!
      Hmmmm…. I sometimes think a cat would have been easier… but, I am a lot fitter than I was… I hope 🙂


  5. savannah49

    I’m still excited at the thought of receiving one of your delightful letters, sweetpea! It helps that I’m becoming more and more forgetful as each day passes, so everything is a surprise most appreciated. Sid is adorable. xoxo


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Aww…thank you, Savvy! I am getting forgetful too… I wish I would make a list… buthen I seem to avoid looking at the list! The good news here is that I am back in my studio, and all heating issues have been resolved… plus it’s Spring… so onwards and upwards!



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