Ying Tong

I have not abandoned my blog. I am still here, but I am moving very slowly and I am a little bit blank. Anyhow, this is the music that was played as the recessional music at my father’s funeral.

And, when hearing this I laughed and cried at the same time – truly a peculiar phenomenon.

I will be back soon. On a weekly basis. And I will be visiting my blog friends too, I just have a bit of paperwork to deal with first.

Love Scarlet xxx

23 thoughts on “Ying Tong

      1. dinahmow

        Oh well, I do have one light on, but the Big Light in the Sky is winding himself up so I should be able to grope my way into the jungle soon…
        But while we wait, here’s dear Spike…

        There was a little fly
        And he flew into a store
        And he pftppd on the ceiling
        And he pftppd on the floor
        He pfipped on the bacon and he pffppd on the ham
        And he pfpppd on the head of the little grocer man.
        Well the grocer man swore and he got his flittin’ gun’And he said “I’ll get that fly before the day is done!”
        But before he could count from 1 up to 10
        The little fly Pfipped on the grocer man again!


  1. Mitzi

    I shall be paying a visit to mother’s tomorrow, I’m going to sneak into her bedroom and set her Amazon Echo to wake her up at 3am to The Ying-Tong song by the Goons.

    If it was left to my nephews and nieces I’ll be done on the cheap, in a plywood coffin, with processed cheese sandwiches and crisps at the wake. I couldn’t bear the shame of that, some of my friends shop at Waitrose! So for my own peace of mind, I’m not going to have a funeral, I’ll just have a vicar say a simple prayer over the coffin and in the incinerator I go, no fuss or bother and my ashes to be scattered in the rose garden.

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  2. dinahmow

    I have requested that they play Edith Piaf “No Regrets” as I’m wheeled/carried away.I’m hoping to live until there is a cheap,legal alternative to today’s nonsense. If anyone spend a fortune on tropical hardwood then burns it I shall come back and haunt them.(I can be very scary)

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  3. nick

    Ooh, it’s a long time since I heard the ying tong song. Absolutely priceless. As Jon said, your dad must have had a wicked sense of humour.

    Jeez, yes, the paperwork is ridiculous. Fortunately when my mum died, my niece sorted out all the paperwork for me.


  4. Inexplicable DeVice

    I’ve not heard of the Ying Tong song before either, but what a fab way to end the service. My SP had the theme from Dallas as his recessional music which raised a laugh!

    I hope you haven’t been snowed under with paperwork? Although, it’s possibly the only snow to be had around these parts now…



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