Something NEW!!!!…..on a chair……..

Okay, so 2016 has been the most crappiest year ever…. at the beginning of December I felt there was little else to do other than sulk on a massive scale. I am very good at sulking. Obviously my sulking has collided with Christmas, meaning that I don’t really have a lot of Christmas spirit…. so…. no cards and presents for anyone this year…. honestly…. don’t wait by the letterbox expecting anything from me…. my way of rebelling against World events, commercialisation, etc, was to buy NOTHING….. I thought I’d spend my dosh on a Rescue Dog instead….





So, I have a new friend!! I am sulking less, but I’m now suffering from sleep deprivation.
I am thinking that this is how I might always ‘do’ Christmas in future i.e. give money, and support, to a charity of my choice instead of buying junk that nobody really wants….Santa can bugger off and leave my chimney alone…. although, if pushed, I may indulge in a sausage roll and the occasional tipple [let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water] and now that I am in a better, less sulky, frame of mind….


64 thoughts on “Something NEW!!!!…..on a chair……..

  1. What’s a “tipple?” I’ve never heard that word! A puppy sounds like a GREAT Christmas present. I do feel your pain with the sleeplessness, though. New dogs can be so exhausting until you get them trained. Fortunately after about age one or so, they calm down!

    • Hello and Welcome, Stephanie!!!
      A tipple is a small alcoholic drink…. I will have plenty of tipples over the next few days. In fact I might be bathing in tipples as I have just had my water cut off. Do you think Donald Trump has read my blog? Has he put a curse on me???

  2. Sid is a handsome fella, now isn’t he! Good for you for giving a rescue dog a home. Best Christmas spirit ever!! I feel the same, and have no decorations up at all (I don’t want Tanner to be dragging my little tree around the house) but have bought some presents. I need to do some baking as well for the family Christmas Day gathering but am betting that will happen on the 24th.

    Despite your lack of holiday spirit, Happy New Dog to you and Sid!! xoxo


    I just noticed the very tiny smiley at the bottom of the page. 🙂

    • Sid is a sweetheart, Ponita! I’ve being thinking about getting a dog since I lost my old Shepherd eight years ago. Something smaller this time as Sid is a Jack Russell, but very lively! No decorations here either…. or any water!!
      Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Awwww… Sid! A finer item on a chair I never did see. Hooray for sulks if this is the outcome! I’m sure Sid will have you feeling much less sulky in no time (if he hasn’t already) – It’s easy to forget crappiness (especially Christmas Crappiness) with a four-legged friend.

    • Thank you, Mr Devine, I am less sulky, despite the sleep deprivation!! Sid is very good company and has put spring in my toes…. that’s when he isn’t tripping me up!

    • Ms Mistress, I kept his rescue name…. but whenever I call him I do immediately think of Carry On films! Sid is a very happy, waggy dog, and it’s difficult to sulk when he’s trying to climb on my head!

  4. Someone looked at me quizzically the other day after seeing a very tiny “rescue dog” on TV.

    The reason he was confused is because the term “rescue dog” has changed over time. It used to be that dogs who saved human lives, such as the St. Bernard dog, were called rescue dogs.

    Now it’s the humans who are saving the dogs, so to speak, and dogs that need homes badly due to neglect, etc., are called “rescue dogs.”

    • Yes, he is a Jack Russell, a very happy little fellow and he was found as a stray at six months old. Poor little thing. I’ve not had a small dog before, but he seems to be fitting in nicely 🙂

  5. I addressed a holiday envelope to you back in November. Then lost it in a pile. Just found it. It’s red. Guess I could start on my valentine mailings. Good for you for just going with your gut.

    • Oh thank you, Jean!! That’s really nice of you. I will send replies when people are least expecting them…. Valentine’s, Easter…. and simply to say hello.
      Merry Christmas!!

    • Ha, Ha!! No, he is very much in one piece, Mitzi, apart from the neutering. Today he discovered that he can jump up and down on his hind lags to look out of the window, which was rather cute.

      • I’m so glad he’s intact and he matches the chair beautifully.

        Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017!

  6. I spend most Christmas seasons in a sulk to cover up the overwhelm. I’m with you on the gift thing… spending money one hasn’t, on stuff nobody wants … but you’ve chosen well, given a gift to Sid and yourself. Merry-as-you-can Christmas and here’s to a better 2017!

    • I felt really guilty at first, Amy, but now I’m feeling pretty good about it. Kind of defiant in the face of all that Christmas advertising…. I’m tired of all the same adverts chasing me around the Internet. There’s a jacket that I took a vague interest in and it popped up everywhere I went until I deleted cookies. The more they chase me the less I’m going to buy!
      Have a Merry Christmas!!

  7. Oh, you lovely person, you!True spirit of goodwill.
    Wotcher,Sid! 🙂 You keep Ms Scarlet on ‘er toes, now.We don’t want her skulking off in a sulk.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    • I feel like he’s doing me a favour, Dinah! So lovely to have a dog around again. I trained him to return to me with the dog whistle today – I was very impressed. He’s not completely housetrained yet, but he’s getting there, bless ‘im!
      Merry Christmas!!

  8. Congratulations on a wonderful new addition to the family! Now y’all have a really awesome Xmas with more to love and share. He looks great, and it’s fantastic that you’ve taken him in and he’s already brought cheer and joy into your home.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! Cheers!

    • Thank you, Mr Swings!! I am cheering up….. though still looking forward to Christmas being over! I have never been this grumpy about the festive season before. Next year I will prepare for my grumpiness.
      Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. Aaaaaw! *wipes away tears*

    No Christmas for me this year. In fact, I’ve quit the Christmas gimmick many years ago and never looked back.
    I’ve been thinking of getting a little furry friend. Since mom passed away in august, the house is awefully empty.

    • Oh get a doggy friend, Jon!! The first few days are a bit of a shock, but now Sid is settling down he is great company.
      As for Christmas…. I think I am bored with the repetition of it…. same old songs on the radio all December…. and the advertising is way over the top – I think the Internet has made it feel more intense. I am fed up with it.
      Happy January 🙂

  10. Dogs are good companions. Jack Russells tend to be quick to bark. I believe they were bred to control the rodents on the farm. I was watching a youtube clip in which this performer was telling the audience why he prefers dogs. He told them that dogs don’t care. If they can do it, you can watch.
    Happy Christmas
    Oh if he like to chew you might want to ask Santa for replacement slippers.

    • Yes, Bill, the Jack Russell was bred to hunt small animals. Sid hasn’t been too much of a barker… yet! I think he is still finding his voice.
      Unlike cats, dogs are a lot less embarrassed when they cock up… no pun intended!

    • finding an old comment on an old post – ok it’s not very old but all my comments are old since they come from me.
      Hope the New Year is finding you in a good place with good health and all that. Today was Friday the 13th – I just saw a post on FB (yes I need to go to that less desirable place on occasion) that said this January I fear Friday the 20th much more than the 13th. It’s American politics.

  11. I am glad that the famous “Scarlet Sulk” is over, really this affects a large part of the world.
    Greetings to Sid – wuff Arff … gargle ! “Hund hält gesund” – dog keeps one healthy, because one has to go out with him, and run after the fetching stick …

  12. Spot would heartily approve of your new companion… after the obligatory arse sniffing of course… The Empress and I inherited Spot from one of the nieces when the family moved to rental accommodation. He’d always been an outdoors dog but within 2 weeks and only 2 small “Accidents” he was housetrained. He’s now master of the mannor. So welcome to Sid and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Darling…

  13. I have no money to spend this Christmas, which is nice in a way because I detest the overabundance of crap produced for no particular reason and being short on cash means nobody can pressure me to buy it.
    Your Christmas sounds perfect, a sausage roll and a tipple and a new dog!!!
    Can I join you?

  14. Aw, he’s lovely! I too will be adopting a doggie in the next month or so. They are so good at lifting the spirits 🙂 The cats are pretty good at it too, though always on their terms! Crimbo is a quiet one this year, which suits me just fine (though have still managed to spend a fortune on booze…nothing new there…another way of lifting spirits…literally ;)). Have a good one x

  15. Giving to charity rather than buying lots of possibly unwanted Christmas gifts is an excellent idea. We give a few Xmas gifts but we give to charity as well – this year it was the Simon Community. I bet Sid is really happy to be adopted by a caring human who is giving him a good home and lots of TLC. Merry jollities to you too!

  16. You could have put a bow on Sid’s head, you know just to give the whole post a bit of a Christmasy feel? 😉 I’m terrified of dogs, but he does look cute.

    I buy lots of crappy gifts that no one wants but I do give to charity too. And then after Christmas I sell all the crappy gifts I received on ebay. 😀

    Happy Christmas to you, I’ll be having a few tipples too!

  17. Hello Sid! How is he with Charmaine? She’s not dragging him off to the pub all evening and getting him drunk then feeding him dodgy kebabs, I hope.

    Belated Winter Festival greetings and the best and most wonderful things for you in 2017.


  18. Happy New Year, Ms Scarlet and Sid! At least, I hope it will be. And I hope there’ll be less in the way of provocation for sulking. Not none, mind, as a good sulk now and again can be quite entertaining!

  19. Spot sends a Happy New arse sniff to Sid… And i wish you well for the coming year Darling Miss Scarlet… Let’s not let the bastards get us down….

    • Where, Mr Lax???? Where are the things in jars??? I am missing a link. Is the missing link in a jar??? It is too early for me, plus I have recently concluded that I need 15 hrs sleep each night, but I am only getting, on average, 4hrs.

    • I have found the link!! Soz. I was replying via the WordPress app. It is a crap app and doesn’t show links.
      Obviously this artist has been inspired by the Mogwash posts!! Thank you, Mr Lax!!

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