Calligraphy Blog?

The wonderful people at the Scribblers calligraphy emporium have had a link to this blog since I first began writing here, which is very generous of them, considering I often go off on a tangent. I do feel sorry for those who come here seeking in-depth discussion regarding nibs, inks, and paper, but end up with a row of rubber ducks and witterings about secret villages and exotic train travel. It wasn’t supposed to be this way! I think a personal blog, such as this one, is a reflection on the core characteristics of its owner. Yes, I am random, and a little unfocused. Trying not to be does not work. I often fail when I try to be organised, and then I am cross with myself for failing so dismally, and then nothing gets done at all.

So, I am throwing out the plans; the challenges to write every day [actually I do write every day but I choose not to share]; the projects that seem to have promise, but ultimately go nowhere; and I will instead be true to myself. Yes, I would desperately like to be one of those people who can follow through on a project, such as the Loopy Letter project….but I’m not. No excuses. For those who did sign up for that crazy project – you will get something in the post one day, but it won’t be as exciting as a letter!

My current situation is not conducive to committing myself wholeheartedly to the things I’d like to do. Watching my parents die together, slowly and painfully, as I am doing, does not make me fit for much more than the daily basics, i.e. washing, dressing, eating, and walking the dog. Death eh? Old age is a killer. I am also having a bit of a sense of humour failure right now. I am trying to keep my pecker up, but it feels forced. My pecker is decidedly droopy. My intention was to use my Loopy Letter project as a distraction, something fun outside of the daily grind, unfortunately it turned into further pressure.

I am rambling now, which is self-indulgent. Anyhow, for those poor souls who come here expecting calligraphy….
I have taken up doodling, and adding my doodles to my calligraphy. It started with an ‘E’….


E by gum….

….and progressed to writing out ‘Carbuncle’ for fellow calligrapher Amy….


A graceful carbuncle for Amy…

I then went on to tackle some names….


More doodling…

….but I like ‘Best’ the best….


Best doodling…

This isn’t all the doodling I’ve done, I have reams of it, but these are probably the bits I liked the best 🙂

19 thoughts on “Calligraphy Blog?

  1. dinahmow

    “Hello and stuff”
    There! I’ve actually said it. Well, I’ve written it.Does that count?
    Oh, sweetie! I’ve got the beginnings of a post written along the same lines. Well, not as difficult as your having to deal with family woes, but I am floundering.*
    Look, you do whatever you feel like doing on your blog.I haven’t written anything worth reading in yonks, but the stalwarts still pop in, bless ’em!
    I’m thinking of taking the poetry and printmaking pages down as I haven’t put anything there for ages.
    Now, about these doodles…I think they are lovely! Perhaps you could doodleise Sid? 🙂

    *thats a big fat lie-I look nothing like a flounder!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Dinah, hello and stuff, too!!!
      Please leave your print pages up – they are still part of what you do, have done, and may well do again.
      Let’s hope our floundering won’t leave us at the bottom of the ocean feeling flat 🙂

  2. Exile on Pain Street

    Having a droopy pecker is the worst. Don’t ask me how I know. Just take my word for it. You are not your usual effervescent self and that’s fine. It’s not possible to maintain that sense of frivolity when those around you are ill. Just post. We’ll wait and read. And Dinah is right. Those doodles are a cut above.

  3. Scarlet Post author

    Monsieur Pain – I imagine your pecker always rises to any occasion. I do have another post to post. It is about frames, and what to do in them – and how a frame can highlight where you’re going wrong. I am talking picture frames, though this might also be true of spectacle frames.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Mr Lax – Enough with the projects!!! I would put more things on a chair, but THE chair is otherwise indisposed. I shall work on a beastly carbuncle instead.

  4. batarde

    It’s one thing for the possessor of a perky pecker to serve up jaunty doodles and single entendres for her avid followers – quite another if you’ve every reason to be feeling anything but. Your efforts are much appreciated.

    By the by, I suppose a Loopy Letter will have even greater rarity value now? Just idly speculating …

  5. lisleman

    I believe there are many people lacking the focus to complete lengthy projects. I’m no expert (except in my own mind) but I did work for a successful executive once who had many scattered projects. The guy drove me nuts. I’ve heard those types called idea people. Always generating ideas but not following through on them. Lots of starting but little finishing. We need all types to keep progress going.
    All the best to your parents.

  6. Ponita

    Ooooo, you doodled my name! I love the carbuncle letters the best, but Best with its leafy flourishes is lovely! The thing about blogs is you can do whatever ‘you’ suits you best. It’s yours. Do whatever you want! We are just happy you are still around. My heart aches for you for the heartache you are experiencing with your parents. Despite the fact that none of us get out of here alive, watching those you love slip away can be so painful, because you know you can’t stop it. xoxo

  7. nick

    Sorry to hear about your parents. For them both to be dying together is tough. Hardly surprising that you’re losing your sense of humour and have a droopy pecker.

    I love all the doodles. Carbuncles are greatly improved with the addition of a doodle or two.

  8. eroswings

    I’m sorry about your parents. It is tough to see them age and know that the end is near. What I wouldn’t give for one more day with either one of my parents. So much I want to say. Oh, how I long for one more day to hear them laugh or just hug them once more. Cherish this time with your parents. Tell them what’s on your mind. Tell them that you love them and hug them every chance you get. Take fotos, videos, and talk about everything and anything while you still can.

    Your calligraphy doodles are resplendent!

  9. Inexplicable DeVice

    Delightful doodles, but the slow loos of parents is certainly not delightful. It’s no wonder you and your pecker aren’t your usual perky selves. Um… Should you even have a pecker? Where do you keep it?
    Anyway, the thing I’ve learned with projects is not to tell anyone you’re doing one then, when things conspire to prevent you from finishing it (or you just can’t be bothered, or another project comes along that’s more exciting [until the next one]), no one is any the wiser so there’s less pressure and stress. Not none, of course, as there’s always the pressure & stress from yourself, but still. (I feel I should have been saying “one” instead of “you”, like the Queen, but it’s too late now.)

    Back to the doodling, I see feathers, and grain, and dewdrops, and necklaces, and leaves, and, on Patricia, a dragon’s tail!

  10. Eryl Gasper Dick

    Eek, no wonder you’re not at you most exuberant! I can’t follow through on projects and I don’t have anything like the reason you have.

    I think one of the things I like most about this blog is its random nature, you have no idea what you’re going to read next. It’s like entering a room blindfold and having someone sit you down and pop exquisite little chocolates in your mouth.

  11. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    I’m really sorry to read about your parents and your battle to remain your normal very delightful self in those difficult circumstances. I am known for being absent-minded in the face of a crisis and wondering where I left that packet of crisps as a typhoon hits the side of my life but I seek to improve. However disorganised I am, you are in my thoughts xx


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