Ms Scarlet Blue is unwell…..

I interrupt the smooth running of this Blog to bring you news of recent inactivity. I have a snotty nose, and a very bad back. Admittedly the very bad back is improving, but the snotty nose is something new and exciting for this Monday morning.
Last week I was mainly taking Ibuprofen and practicing a correct sitting position. I was in high spirits, which was odd considering the pain was not completely relieved by the medication, so I said to a friend: how come I’m in such a good mood when I take Ibuprofen? What’s that all about? I Googled, and yes, there seems to be evidence to suggest that Ibuprofen does indeed improve mood [see HERE if you are interested] and I considered taking Ibuprofen regularly. But hang on a minute…. being in pain etc, etc, I thought it would be sensible to visit the doctor….to cut a waffle into a chip…. Ibuprofen also raises blood pressure, so possibly not the feel good drug of choice after all. My blood pressure has now returned to normal and I will stick to Champagne and Port if I want a mood boost.

Sid, the dog, is well, thank you for asking, and here are my exotic soggy bloomers as promised….


Soggy Bloomers

I have no idea what this shabby shrub is, but I like it. Identification welcome.

Meanwhile, huge THANK YOUS to my blog friends Mr Devine, Ms Mistress, and Dinah for putting a huge SMILE on my face last Thursday. AND, Mr Devine even sent me a card….


….and a golden gown!!!

Golden Dress!!!

Apologies for my rough sketching…. I am no good at hands and if I tried to draw the arms and head properly I would end up sobbing, thus blocking my nose up even more, and this post would not get published.

For my next post I will talking about perfume. Or perhaps something else, I am not sure. There will probably be more pictures too. Pamela Anderson will not be invited.

Thank you for your interest.


61 thoughts on “Ms Scarlet Blue is unwell…..

    • Thank you for your good wishes!! I started hallucinating last night and I was going to go into business with Sid selling high ticket fashion items. I think I might have flu. I was so relieved when I woke up in the early hours feeling almost sane.

  1. Oooh, I like the frock. Not so sure about cormorants (I am off water birds at present).

    Instead of googling painkillers, I looked for cocktails. Did you know that port + champagne = a Nelson’s Blood? No shaker required, putting it well within the scope of even my Idiot Brother. There was nothing about miraculous curative properties, but we can take that as read, don’t you think? Cheers!

    Citronella x

    • Citronella – This bout of flu is on a par with a strong cocktail, i.e. I can’t walk in a straight line and I feel a bit sick! I slept fitfully through Broadchurch last night, but it felt like it was going on for weeks and weeks. Maybe a Nelson’s Blood will sort me out.

  2. Goodess a snotty nose and bad back not a great combo !
    Love your soggy bloomers, we have Mother-In- Law Cushions they are a smallish Barrel Cactus.
    Nothing to match your Soggy Bloomer though.

    cheers, parsnip

    • Ms Parsnip – I am curious about the Mother-in-Law Cushions, I will Google ๐Ÿ™‚
      I do admire people who know the names of plants – I only know a few, which are the obvious ones.

  3. “to cut a waffle into a chip” – that’s a new one for me. I know your chips are fries to us but does this have anything to with waffle fries?
    I would not invite Pamela Anderson either. Good decision. Wish you well, no fun being snotty.

      • Bill and Ms Mistress: I only know potato waffles! I thought I was waffling on and thought I’d be clever ๐Ÿ™‚ not realising that potato waffles are probably a British thing…. I’m ill!!! Going back to bed in a minute ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Monsieur Pain: I honestly thought I was going to die last night – shivering, hallucinating, retching – who needs weed when you can has a dose of influenza.
      I still can’t stop sneezing…. my screen is awash…

  4. Aw…how sweet of Mr Device to send shags on a groyne. And a golden gown!
    Very sorry to hear about the crook back.Snotty noses are also unpleasant, but backs are horrid.

    note to Sid: be careful not to get your Mistress Scarlet tangled in your lead.

    • Dinah: Yes, Sid might have been partially responsible for twisting my back. I also have been struggling with the field gate at the entrance to my driveway as it keeps getting jammed – lifting the gate hasn’t helped. Anyhow, the back is a lot better now….. it’s been eclipsed by this stonking bug.

  5. When you said you were recovering, I thought it must be from a raucous, booze-filled birthday bash, not a bad back. Poor Ms Scarlet… I hope you managed to get some bashing and boozing done on your birthday?

    I’m pleased the gown got to you in one piece. If you do spill some Nelson’s Blood (thanks, Citronella) on it, whatever you do, don’t boil wash it!

    You must be well soon – I insist!

    • Mr Devine: I need a get well soon spell! I feel like I have been suffering from one ailment or another for far too long. I do not like it.
      I will draw a proper lady for the dress, and I will keep it pristine.

    • Kylie: Yes, it’s a shame that these pain killers have side effects – yes, I’ve read about the stomach ulceration thing too. Pain killers can also affect the liver and kidneys too – not worth the good mood effect!

    • Joey: We shall gloss over the Pamela Anderson incident – I believe Mr Mags has taken a fancy to her.

      I feel wretched, Joey. I’m going to collapse on the sofa in a minute and watch rubbish TV.

  6. Get Well Soon!

    Here’s to wishing you and yours good health, lots of warm sunshine, and delicious chicken soup.

    P.S. The golden gown and postcard look fantastic! And the flowering bush looks spectacular!

      • I don’t often take pain killers, Mr Mags, but my back was so bad… anyhow, I am off all home medication now… although I would like some cough mixture. My cough is driving me mad.
        I was so ill on Monday! Oh my word! I feel a lot better today… though the cough is annoying me… it’s a non-productive tickley cough. And my nose is sore. With all these new complaints I’ve more or less forgotten about my back pain ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. as a gardener by trade, I can confirm your plant is a Helleborus orientalis (ooh get me and me latin) I would suggest removing the old damaged leaves to make room for new shiny lovely greenery, Though am guessing you’re not in the gardening mood! The sun has just appeared after a very mizzly dull start so my garden beckons (in between washing, vacuuming, general houseworky nonsense and dog cuddling – which seems to be top of the list most days). Do get better soon and if the port doesnt cut it, crack open the gin! x

  8. I had no idea ibuprofen raises blood pressure. As my blood pressure is a bit iffy, I’d better be cautious with it in future. The papers tell me today that back ache can be caused by skinny jeans (among other things), so if you’ve squeezed yourself into such an item, perhaps you should unsqueeze right now.

    The golden gown is rather super. Why perfume? Have you had to spend time with someone who insists on wearing industrial quantities of the stuff?

    Pamela Anderson holds no attraction for me. Gillian Anderson on the other hand….

  9. Bad back. NO fun at all says one who recently enjoyed a spell of sciatica after some careless lifting of a coal sack or two. I didn’t notice my mood improving as I munched the ibuprofen but it did alleviate the pain so who cares about a spike in the old blood pressure dept, which I find happens anyway when I read about recent political events. Like you, I find a glass of the red stuff works very well with ibuprofen in terms of pain relief and mood enhancement so I am tempted to continue taking these joint medicines for the foreseeable future whatever the condition of my back ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sorry to read of your unwellness in both the back and nostril departments darling but also nice to hear that you are on the mend. Your gifts from the lanky witch look divine… he is a clever boy. Spot says hello to Sid and asks him to behave himself on the lead… although running about in circles might be fun… it’s not fun for the person on the other end of the lead as my own back will attest. I hope you continue to improve…

  11. Oh dear. Feeling under the weather sucks big time. Glad to hear the back is improving and yes, ibuprofen can be hard on the stomach and kidneys. But taking it for a few days on occasion when necessary is okay. Taking it often is not. For the sore nose, try getting some pure lanolin (the type that nursing mothers put on their cracked nipples) and it will definitely help. It is thick like honey but can be used whenever you need it. It has worked well for me when my nose gets raw from the running and blowing. And perhaps you need a hot toddy? With ginger and cinnamon?

    Glad you are not inviting Pamela Anderson. Bleached hair and fake boobs and a lack of acting ability make her a poor Canadian. She has never impressed me, despite being a fellow Canuck.

    Get well soon, Scarlet!

  12. It sounds like you have the bug that floored everyone in this town at the start of the year, I almost cut my own head off with a cheese wire at one stage in the hope of avoiding it. Hope you recover soon.

    I used to take double quantities of ibuprofen four times a day for weeks at a time to ease arthritis, very glad I stopped that!

    Have you tried hot champagne with local raw honey and cinnamon? X

  13. bad backs are so style cramping I do hope it’s is getting a lot better (and the nose obvs) xxx
    ps I too have unidentified soggy bloomers – but past caring on that score!

  14. Are you feeling better? With the back and the sniffles?

    I like your sketching.

    I’ve been thinking of you recently as I’ve been trying to use a dip pen and drawing ink. It’s okay, the ink comes out if I wash everything immediately. I can now draw lines, but letters? Oh please.

    It’s made me think of your work with extra awe.

  15. Apologise for late felicitations. I should remember as it is around mine but I tend to forget that nowadays. So glad you added the BP bit . I was all set for a packet of Ibufren but have so far managed to ignore the smart lime green BP measure I bought recently and don’t wish to tempt fate. Hope the snot has dissipated and not clogged up into phlegm. In fact I hope by now you are once more your sunny glamorous Scarlet.

  16. You have left us hanging here on your blog. Hopefully by now your ills are gone and you have just been too busy to check back into this digital domain. I’m going to make a note to self that I should always write a I’m-feeling-fine post anytime I write a I’m-feeling-crappy post. It’s good to balance your postings.

  17. If you’re not already outside, get outside! BBC weather tells me that it should be sunny with highs of 15 degrees until lunchtime in your neck of the woods. This should banish any lingering ills (I hope).

    ::doesn’t tell Ms Scarlet that the North Norfolk coast is set for highs of 21 which will last until teatime::

    • Ssshhhhhh… Mr Devine. I am watching Aidan Turner in a towel in HD.
      I will be back on the blogs shortly, life is very stressful at the minute.

    • ::whispers:: Sunshine is overrated anyway – I’m all pink!

      If Mr Turner in a Tiny Towel doesn’t de-stress you, then I don’t know what will? I hope it works and that you are stress-free soon. But don’t rush back on our account – we’ll still be here when you’re ready x

  18. I am home Mr Mags! But things are very unsettled at the minute. The good news is that the ink is flowing again…. and I will post something as soon as I can. I feel very bad that I haven’t been visiting the blogs and keeping up with everything. I will be back. Hopefully before Christmas!

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