The Only Eccentric Artist in the Village…

bottled-air-calligraphy-price-tag-within-bottle-devon-uk-left in-skip

Hot air….

During my absence it appeared that some members of the Mogwash community had wholeheartedly embraced the ideas of contemporary art. For example, Mrs Fitzpatrick, who lived on the fringe of the village in the six bed-roomed neo-Georgian barn conversion known as Rose Cottage, had obviously benefited from our little chats because she had casually assembled and installed a startling piece of sculpture on her block-paved driveway. As a trained artist, with trained artist skills, I could comprehend and appreciate her efforts on a much deeper level, efforts that to the uneducated eye may have been mistaken for the unwanted contents of a dilapidated shed in a skip. With my artist’s eye I could appreciate the exquisite juxtaposition of gold lame evening gown and broken pitch fork as being a subtle metaphor for a society in crisis, emphatically highlighting the intrinsic cruelty of cultural disinclination and disintegration.

I was envious and slightly in awe of her talent, she had even gone as far as to cleverly leave her art piece unmanned so that any passing artist could redefine her vision by adding or subtracting objects, meaning that the piece was continually in a state of flux, forever evolving . . . The addition of a moldy mattress brought a whole new perspective to the project . . . it was enthralling to witness this mutating masterpiece. I contributed in a minor way by donating a bottle of air.

I had to accept that times were changing and I was no longer the only eccentric artist in the village . . .

16 thoughts on “The Only Eccentric Artist in the Village…

  1. I heard, on very good authority from that woman down at the Post Office, that Mrs Fitzpatrick got someone else to install her sculpture. The only bit she did herself was the gold lame dress, and that wasn’t even hers (you may have noticed the label-flapping slightly in the breeze-says size 12, but the closest she’s been to a 12 is when she picked her husband’s shoes out of the bidet. Another tidbit of gossip from the Post Office…).

    • Mr Devine – I will have to pop along to the Post Office… if only to reprimand them in regards to this terrible slur on Mrs Fitzpatrick. She is a size 12 – she’s just very short… stout even.

  2. Is it possible that Mrs Fitzpatrick’s “Skip” later was shown in Brighton ? Or is this just a cheap ripp-off from the original ? What easily leads us to the ever actual question what an “original” should be in these days of reproducing / copying etc. – I am not familiar with Boltanski, but he may say something about this too ?
    Anyway, I am still looking for bottles to empty in the name of art and truth !

    • **GASP**
      Mr Mags – how appalling!! A cheap…extremely cheap…copy. I will tell Mrs Fitzpatrick, who will no doubt instruct her solicitor to start proceedings against this charlatan.

  3. Does Mogwash have regular trash (rubbish) pickup? From the description I fear the trash man may find this sculpture just a pile of trash.
    Oh do you think any rats contributed to the piece?

  4. This may or may not be meant as satire but I can assure you that I’ve seen pieces with this same aesthetic in some museums, auction houses and galleries in New York. And they sell for multi-millions. You’re onto something here.

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