A Game of Fourplay

I have been tagged to do a meme, and, as is my way, I have decided to do it immediately – granted I have postponed it for nearly a month… but this is as close to ‘immediately’ that I could get. Thank you Mr Nikos for tagging me!!

Okay…. this is complicated….I have to give four answers to four questions, which are:-

1. What is your favourite food?
2. What are your favourite drinks?
3. Places you’ve been?
4. Names that you’re known by?


1) Chips
2) Potatoes
3) Cake
4) Biscuits

I am a cheap date.


1) Whiskey
2) Irish Coffee
3) Calypso Coffee
4) Irish Cream Coffee

Not that cheap a date.


1) The King’s Arms
2) The Hung Drawn and Quartered
3) Dirty Dick’s
4) The Crypt, Deptford


1) Ms Scarlet
2) Snug
3) Frustrating
4) Impossible

If anyone would like to join me in some Fourplay then please feel free to do so. And, because it is THAT time of year, I will finish with a tune….

Billy Mack – Christmas is All Around (Love Actually) from Christmas is All around on Vimeo.

44 thoughts on “A Game of Fourplay

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Good Afternoon, Mr Batarde. Maybe it was Slug??? Either way, I feel we should probably gloss over the ‘Name’ section…. and maybe the other three sections… probably best to just watch the video 🙂

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I think I’ve started on something from Tesco’s as my pre-Christmas tipple, Mr Lax. I will work up to the good stuff 🙂
      I used to like Jack Daniels – a lot. But I find it too sweet these days. My Dad usually winces when I mix a single malt with a measure of coke.

      1. dinahmow

        You do what to single malt?!!! Your dad must feel he failed as a parent! 🙂
        (I don’t drink whiskey.Or whisky.So I should stay out of this…)

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Also from Tesco’s, Mr Nikos! And these days I might be more of a prune than a date, but with soft candle light and a jug of cream who’s to know??

  1. lisleman

    the video – nice eye candy. So instead of 5 Golden rings we now have 5 pole dancers? They do glitter just as good. Oh, I could not think of a witty comment about your answers but I notice you are well caffeinated.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I know, Bill, Bill Nighy is excellent eye candy 🙂
      I think alcohol and caffeine balance each other…. one sedates and the other, in excess, gives me the jitters.

  2. IDV

    Ooh, we do like our starchy food, don’t we?! And it saves on the expense of buying starch spray for blouse collar &cuffs, and the like – I don’t know about you, but I just breathe on on the offending item of apparel, give it a once over with the iron, and it’s fit for a queen!

    I’m curious – do you go to those places in that order?

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Good tip about the starch breath, Mr D!!
      Oh dates….. more dates… The Hung Drawn might be a prune, but it is definitely within my old stomping ground…. and stomp I did, passing Dirty Dicks every day to and from work… but I only went in there once or twice.
      Who hasn’t been in The King’s Arms??? Anytime, any place, anywhere.
      The Crypt was definitely summer 1984…. I was not dressed for the occasion. The memory embarrasses me to this day.

      1. jmcadam

        Dear Wonky Words
        The best I can do is to ask you to copy this link into your browser.

        or Google: Aussie Jingle Bells Bucko & Champs


      2. Scarlet Post author

        Ha! Thank you, John!!! I was previously checking my comments via email and the link didn’t work there…. but the links are most definitely here! I do apologise for my error and for being lazy.
        Anyhow, get your spare room ready, I will be booking my flight to Australia as it looks helluver lot more fun than the UK!!

      3. jmcadam

        Dear Wonky Words
        There has been an unintentional misunderstanding; but a pleasant one. I have lived in the US mid west for thirty plus years. At first I went back to Australia every couple of years; and then that grew to three, and then four years. I just returned from the fatal shore; it had been six plus years since I had been back home. I also was looking for a spare room in which to dwell.
        Yours faithfully

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Oh my word, John!! I used to be such a good Blogger, and would double-check my commenters blogs so that I wouldn’t make a faux-pas such as this. Ack, I blame using a small screen and my poor eye sight. I will have to pull my socks up, or at least only blog on a proper sized screen!!

  3. eroswings

    I love your food and drink choices! And I would like to see those fascinating places you’ve been–though Dirty Dick makes me think I ought to bring my own hand sanitizer.

    Here’s a name that I like to call you: Scintillating!

  4. nick

    I notice all the places you’ve been appear to be pubs. Perhaps you should also list the various chemists that sold you the subsequent hangover remedies?

    Wot, you don’t like ice cream? I’m shocked and dismayed.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I do like ice cream, Nick…. but not as much as I could.
      I don’t often get hangovers! Port is the only drink that gives me a proper hangover…. especially white port.

      1. Scarlet Post author

        The plural of potato is potatoes, Monsieur Pain, as you well know…. but those in the US do seem to be fond of making up their own spellinges.

  5. Scarlet Post author

    I must apologise to recent commenters! I have been reading comments via email and the WordPress app… but now I am here and I can see John’s link! And I can also now see what Monsieur Pain was saying!
    I will always reply ON the blog in future and not via apps that are thrice removed!

  6. Mitzi Carte-Blanche

    No. 3 would that be potato cakes? I’m a huge potato fan too, I could eat my own body weight in oven chips.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Same here, Ms Carte!! Or I used to be able to. I have no idea what has happened to my appetite recently, but it has gone. The only thing that I get vaguely enthusiastic about is a boiled egg. And I am having thoughts about pork pies. Christmas dinner is going to be interesting considering that I’m in charge.

  7. eroswings

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Scarlet!


    And Happy New Year! Thank you for your support and your friendship.

    May the Holidays be warm, peaceful, and wonderful for you and your loved ones. May you find yourself surrounded by laughter and joy. And may the New Year bring you good fortune, good company, and good times! Cheers!

  8. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    Refreshingly original spelling and a calligrapher to boot. I salute you Madam, and I love your favourite foods and haunts. I would have to include cheese and sausages among my favourites and my treasured haunts are anywhere that does not throw me out after I start giving an impromptu concert based on some of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits 🙂


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