A Brief Interlude

Here is an old BBC interlude from days of yore. Please watch from 2.24mins onwards. You may of course watch it all, or none of it, but it features workman digging and playing with their pneumatic drills. I thought this might be of interest for those who feel inspired to dig.

Meanwhile I am up to my eyeballs with poorly executed calligraphic experimentation. There are screwed up balls everywhere…. amongst the discarded chip paper…

Please bear with. Normal service will resume as soon as I’ve gotten the ink out of my favourite T-shirt…

30 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude

    • Not ageing! It wasn’t so long ago, was it??? I moved on from Oil of Olay… now using staples and sellotape.
      Anyhow, Mr Devine, I love anything Victoria Wood, and Susie Blake has always been a favourite.

    • Sellotape? My Avon Lady has been waving a roll of duct tape around lately, apparently “for no particular reason”…
      I feel a Victoria Wood marathon is in order!

    • I am thoroughly exhausted after today’s post, Princess, and I’d forgotten my replies to this one… I fly by the seat of my freshly laundered pants sometimes 🙂

  1. OMG so bad it’s funny. I thought cable TV has gone down hill. TV interludes? What was that when the production people took their quaaludes?
    Since I’ve actually drive a number of British motorways I know your roads are built well. Apparently not by that crew. While on the subject – you over do it with the orange warning barrels.

    • Bill… you’ve obviously not driven down a Devon country lane… there are no warnings about the hideous things that can befall you. Usually a big hole. Caused by endless rain. Not that I’m going on about the weather or anything.

  2. Hmm. Screwed-up balls, doesn’t sound at all good (though not as bad as for the gents in the film, obviously). Something calming might be in order. You can only do what you can do.

  3. All very primitive compared to today’s advanced road-repair machines! I haven’t seen a pickaxe for decades. All blatant propaganda of course. In reality there’d be ten men standing around, a foreman scratching his head, and someone else making cups of tea.

  4. I am blissed out by this.

    Brings home how frenetic modern television has become.

    Also, I have an off-topic question for you: when you are doing your calligraphy, do you form your Os (and other letters) going anti-clockwise or clockwise?

    • God, yes, television is frenetic. I try to mute the adverts… they are all too bright, brazen and repetitive.
      Anyhow, I had to think about the question! O’s are anti-clockwise… thick stroke down, thin stroke up for pointed pen work.

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