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Aunt Scarlet is refusing to write a post and has told me to do it. She said to say that she is lanquishing on a chase lounge and MUST not be disturbed. Apparently she is writing a long letter to a bloke she refers to as Moogo, or Moorgo, or something like that. She has lots of other people to write to too, such as Princess, and some calligraphy people. She keeps getting in a huff because she is trying to write in her best calligraphy but it keeps going all wrong and she is surrounded by screwed up bits of paper. She is making a mess and is causing a potential fire hazard because she is drinking gin and smoking her horrible fags. She is also swearing a lot.

Aunt Scarlet said that when I write a post I MUST include some photographs. She said to take some pictures of her screwed up balls to show that she is trying to make an effort.


Screwed up balls

Whilst being locked in the attic and fed nothing but gruel, I found these bottles. I asked Aunt Scarlet what they were supposed to be. She flew into a rage and did more swearing and told me to never ask her about them ever again. I think she is a bit mad.


Aunt Scarlet’s empties that aren’t so empty…


A bottle in a bottle

By the way, Harold and I don’t eat the gruel that Aunt Scarlet makes us. We throw it out the window and go up the chippy. We have the spare key to the attic.

Will write soon,



It appears that it is Wednesday, meaning it is time for me to post something. Unfortunately I have been very, very, very, very busy. This is what I have to show for my busy-ness…. I have been working on this for the past month….


A bit blank….

I know, stunning… one of my best pieces… WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?????
I asked one of my lovely Flourish Forum friends, and she sent me this:-

Erm… yes, this does all feel rather familiar…. So from this day onwards I am going to start writing lists and ticking things off, I feel that this is the only cure… so… I am away… to write a list… at the top of the list it will say: Write a post for next Wednesday…

And the winners are…..

Ihave a minor confession to declare…. there were actually two pictures tampered with in the previous post *looks sheepish*. I was so entranced by the sea photos that I forgot that I’d played with the contrast on the signpost pic. Silly me. The photograph with enhanced colour was… drum roll… More Waves. So, in the interests of fairness the winners are:-

Lovely Leni
Mr Lax
Mr Mags

Please could you all contact me via my email address [which can be found on my About page] with your address details, and I will send you some Wonky Words, hopefully before Christmas 🙂

I know, the Carbis Bay 1 picture did look impossibly blue, didn’t it? I blame the camera on my phone for that…. or maybe it was impossibly blue that morning?

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures from Cornwall, taken with my normal point and shoot camera.

For those who want more blue…


View of St Ives from Carbis Bay



For those who like to look at old petrol pumps from the perspective of a short person….


Old Petrol Pumps, St Mawes, Cornwall, UK

And, for those who like looking at old calligraphy for inspiration…


Admiring the calligraphy on an old certificate….


Certificate at the Redruth Old Cornwall Society Museum at Tolgus Mill.

Right, I have been back a week, done my laundry etc, I think it’s time to find out what Harold and Charmaine have been doing in my absence….

Wish You Were Here…

There is only one thing to do when the weather is foul and that’s to pack your bags and go to where it’s sunny and warm….


Carbis Bay 1


Sea Spray, Porthcurno


Waves, Porthcurno


More waves, Porthcurno


Carbis Bay 2


Where to next? Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

Yes, I have been away. I am back now in rainy North Devon. Even when the weather forecast is poor for Cornwall it never seems to materialise and it’s always glorious… I have tampered with the colour in only one of these pictures. Anyhow, it is competition time!!!!! Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pick out the photo that I’ve enhanced. The prize is a calligraphed envelope with your address and some Wonky Words of your very own to keep…. what could be more lovely??? Other than a cream tea and a Cornish Pasty. Meanwhile, please bear with me whilst I upload 322 more photographs of the Atlantic Ocean.