And the winners are…..

Ihave a minor confession to declare…. there were actually two pictures tampered with in the previous post *looks sheepish*. I was so entranced by the sea photos that I forgot that I’d played with the contrast on the signpost pic. Silly me. The photograph with enhanced colour was… drum roll… More Waves. So, in the interests of fairness the winners are:-

Lovely Leni
Mr Lax
Mr Mags

Please could you all contact me via my email address [which can be found on my About page] with your address details, and I will send you some Wonky Words, hopefully before Christmas 🙂

I know, the Carbis Bay 1 picture did look impossibly blue, didn’t it? I blame the camera on my phone for that…. or maybe it was impossibly blue that morning?

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures from Cornwall, taken with my normal point and shoot camera.

For those who want more blue…


View of St Ives from Carbis Bay



For those who like to look at old petrol pumps from the perspective of a short person….


Old Petrol Pumps, St Mawes, Cornwall, UK

And, for those who like looking at old calligraphy for inspiration…


Admiring the calligraphy on an old certificate….


Certificate at the Redruth Old Cornwall Society Museum at Tolgus Mill.

Right, I have been back a week, done my laundry etc, I think it’s time to find out what Harold and Charmaine have been doing in my absence….

45 thoughts on “And the winners are…..

    1. IDV

      I’ve tried to contain it, Ms Scarlet, but someone ::glares at LX:: didn’t put the lid on properly after they used it, so now it’s loose!

      1. Scarlet Post author

        Please pass the smelling salts, I am now going to retire to a darkened room… there has been far too much excitement today.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      It’s okay, Monsieur Pain, I understand that you are having a difficult time right now. Are you breathing in omelette fumes, or something worse?

  1. moor lx


    Since there are multiple winners and I am already proudly display an Original Miss Scarlet next to my computer, I can forgo the prize if that will be more convenient. Unless, of course, the work is farmed out and it is an Original Charmaine or Original Harold instead, then please send it ASAP to add to my collection! I am hoping for a complete set eventually!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Well… if you go around using the Moor spell willy-nilly, then YES, things with probably vanish… especially as there is now a counter spell out there in the ether. Yes, you heard me… a spell that counts!

  2. Grouchy

    I WON??????? Could you please do mine in Chinese on the bottom of a cheap vase. The word “Ming” will do. (Antique Road Show is coming to town.)

  3. lisleman

    As I was going to St. Ives,…
    Do you know there is a wikipedia page about this rhyme?
    Here’s a bit from that page: If it is not accepted that there is a ‘trick’ answer, then there are numerous mathematical answers, the most common of which is 2802
    How many did you met on your way there?

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Holds head in hands and sobs dramatically.
      You are correct Bill… I have just looked up the answer on Wikipedia and now my head hurts even more… moor…

  4. moor lx

    And ’tis great pity that the noble Moor
    Should hazard such a place as his own second
    With one of an ingraft infirmity:
    It were an honest action to say
    So to the Moor.

    Othello Act II, Scene 3
    William Shakespeare (maybe)

    1. IDV

      The Moor spell was accidently unleashed in the comments box of my latest post, Mago. Unfortunately, Ms Scarlet came a cropper, with poor- I mean, ‘Moor’ LX also getting a dose.

      P.S. LX: I’ve just noticed that even your avatar name has been nobbled!

  5. 63mago

    Oh dear, IDV was so close … What is a “moor-spell” ? I’m curious, and it’s ages since I worked on spells, just the usual so no mud (“Moor”) involved, but I found it exhausting after all, one really has to put something in it to make it work, nah I’m done with black magick, just the occasional candle work and a bit of meditating here.

    Great to see the certificate in the last picture, The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St.John in Jerusalem is brothers with the order I work for here, I wear the white cross with eight points every day.

    Regarding the pictures – I was very unsure with the other pictures (waves, greens, blues etc.), but the contrast on the last one (script versus background) was too good to be true, in my opinion.
    Congratulations to all who took part !

    These pumps – especially the one on the right – look a bit like cenotaphs.
    I’ll send an email to you, and thank You very much for declaring me a winner *blush* !

    1. Scarlet Post author

      You are a very worthy winner, Mr Mags!
      I like that the certificate has found a connection with you… I have found more about St. John of Jerusalem HERE

      1. Scarlet Post author

        ‘Scarlet’s Moor’… I like it… it has the whiff of a romantic novel about it, and the hint of a ripped bodice.

      2. 63mago

        The British knights, the Netherlandish, Swedish & German parts form an alliance of mutual recognition, together with the original Malteser (catholic), that is the roof of the order of St. John. Historically this organisation dates back to the crusade, for the German part it becomes a bit fragile in the beginning of the 19th century, but continuity (personal too) is given.
        The British St.John ambulance organisation has a German counterpart in the Johanniter-Unfallhilfe (JUH). The German order (Johanniter) runs hospitals, care homes, ambulances – you name it. Nowadays it has the dimension of a pretty large enterprise, but is non-profit, based on donations and the order has the last say in all decisions. There are not many (German) knights, less than 4000 worldwide, and they distinguish between those honoris causa and those who really have a say (Rechtsritter, knights by law). The Malteser have an unbroken tradition – and even a stately territory – must be the smallest state on earth.

      3. Scarlet Post author

        Indeed, Mr Mags, I have always had the greatest respect for the St John’s Ambulance Service.
        Meanwhile, my hint of a ripped bodice has gone completely unnoticed.

      4. Scarlet Post author

        Ha! Well that’s put me straight! Never mind, I will move forward a few decades and try to do something with a girdle.

  6. nick

    Petrol at 2/1d a gallon? Those were the days.

    Over £10,000 for the distressed tin miners? That was a very impressive sum in those days (is that 1922?)

    Not Carbis Bay 1? We demand a recount.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Yes, nick, 1922. Yes they did well to raise that money… especially as they didn’t have the money raising methods that we have these days, such as big televised events. The 1922 £10,000 is the equivalent of £437,107.80 today.

      No recounts!

  7. dinahmow

    Ooh…magick on the moor. It’s like Othello meets Macbeth, innit? And I thought those old Shell pumps were cenotaph-like,too.
    Now I’ll have to go back and look at the pictures again….

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Enough Dinah!!! Don’t encourage them! I was perplexed by Bill and his numbers and then Shakespeare turned up!!
      One day I might read Shakespeare, and learn how to do maths.

  8. Rose

    Congrats to the winners.

    Wow, really was impossibly blue.

    Cornwall is so incredibly lovely…I bet you’ve got lovely campsites…

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Yes… I blame my Nokia phone for the blue, Ms Rose, but the light is intense in Cornwall.
      There are some lovely campsites in Cornwall, are you coming for a visit???!! I think there may be one near Porthcurno 🙂


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