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Wish You Were Here…

There is only one thing to do when the weather is foul and that’s to pack your bags and go to where it’s sunny and warm….


Carbis Bay 1


Sea Spray, Porthcurno


Waves, Porthcurno


More waves, Porthcurno


Carbis Bay 2


Where to next? Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

Yes, I have been away. I am back now in rainy North Devon. Even when the weather forecast is poor for Cornwall it never seems to materialise and it’s always glorious… I have tampered with the colour in only one of these pictures. Anyhow, it is competition time!!!!! Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pick out the photo that I’ve enhanced. The prize is a calligraphed envelope with your address and some Wonky Words of your very own to keep…. what could be more lovely??? Other than a cream tea and a Cornish Pasty. Meanwhile, please bear with me whilst I upload 322 more photographs of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dear Mr Lax…

Dear Mr Lax,

As a valued reader of ATTT you have been randomly selected, at random, in a haphazard, random way to WIN a competition. YES YOU Mr Lax!!!
Mr Lax, do you have a wall in your house that needs a painting? Have you been searching high and low for a piece of elegantly written calligraphy to fill a space in your life? Search no longer!! Because ATTT has the solution!!


Competition Prize!!

Yes, Mr Lax, you have been randomly selected to win this prize!!
All you have to do, Mr Lax, is fill in the coupon with your name and address and tell us from where this quotation originates and who it is by. If you are correct then your blank wall could soon be enhanced by this magical piece of calligraphy as ATTT will despatch your prize…. possibly before the end of 2014… or even earlier depending on whether I have any parcel tape left and whether I have any petrol in the car to get to the post office.
We at ATTT look forward to your answer, Mr Lax, and your continued readership.