A New Day, A New Bottle…

As a new day dawned over Mogwash, I resolved to put petty grievances aside. Sebastian and I could spat no longer seeing as our latest altercation had led to a ripped pair of lycra bell bottoms and an unromantic scuffle on the village green – we both agreed that writing any sort of sex scene purely to gain readership would be embarrassing, unseemly, and completely out of character… yet, somehow, the contents of Bottled Truth had been retrieved.


The Joker Bottle

As for the bottle of greed, it still lay undiscovered, dirty and abandoned, hidden in the hole where I had left it many months previous. It was time to be open and honest. The stark truth was that I had not left any clues on my blog. I understood that my legions of fans would be devastated and disappointed by this revelation. Those that followed my ramblings with almost religious relish, would feel duped and cheated. I had been brought to my senses by impending legal action – an overzealous fan had misinterpreted one of my quirky quotations as being a grid reference for a property just outside of Greater Manchester. Five prize winning flower beds, three ornamental rose trees and a garden gnome had been destroyed in less than twenty minutes. Naturally I would take full responsibility, but this madness had to stop… it was time to come clean, time to get serious, time to make riddles with real clues…

17 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Bottle…

  1. 63mago

    A whirlwind over Manchester – there’s just a long legged witch missing …
    I can not believe that Sebastian is right – he is just up the garden path to the Village Green. There may be some bottles of truth, he just grabbed the wrong one.


  2. Exile on Pain Street

    If you’re going to try to gain readership, I can think of worse/duller ways than posting embarrassing, unseemly and completely out of character sex scenes. Woody Allen said sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go, it’s one of the best.


      1. IDV

        Mum’s the word!

        * right clicks and scours available info *

        Nope. Still clueless. Although, I think it may be trying to tell me I’m fat: “msapplication-window width=device-width;height=device-height“?


      2. Scarlet Post author

        Oh. Is it left click? Anyhow… click your bits and pieces together and something should show up 🙂
        Apologies if my photos are saying rude things.


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