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And then…..

…..I was involved in a head on collision. Of course I was. What could be more fitting given the unsavoury nature of 2018 thus far? It is okay, I am fine. I was being transported in a Land Rover Defender – imagine me, perched up high in the passenger seat, knees together, with gloved hands neatly resting on my handbag. My eyes widened on impact, and my barely there eyebrow arched for the occasion. I might have screamed a little as well. I tell a lie, there was much screaming and sobbing – after all, I was about to miss a much-needed hair appointment.

With whom did I collide? A Yodel delivery van. It is that time of year when white vans go into overdrive, and speed around country lanes trying to deliver Christmas in time for…er… Christmas. Obviously I am still in a state of shock, but I am incredibly grateful that I wasn’t in the car, it is only a fluke that I was in the Land Rover instead.

So, my lovelies, be careful out there, you never know what’s around the next corner.