A Big Balls Up….

We had Brexit. Sigh. We now have an huge orange glow from across the pond, which smells vaguely sulphurous, so pray tell what can cheer us? Maybe this….

2016 is turning out to be a truly unpredictable year so I feel that it is only fitting for Ed to win Strictly Come Dancing this year.


53 thoughts on “A Big Balls Up….

  1. Wait a minute… isn’t he a British politician?
    I don’t watch this show although I understand it’s wildly popular in the UK.
    In the interest of international relations, I vote for Balls.

    • Indeed he is, Ms Mistress, he is an ex labour politician, but quite frankly he is wasted in politics. He should have his own show! Or failing that we should make him Prime Minister – I know, crazy talk.

  2. Joey, Joey, Joey!!!! Ed Balls never fails to cheer me up every Saturday. The man is a genius…. and I’m not usually swayed by the dancers who go for the comedy angle.

    • I am not liking the Farage connection, Mr Lax. Is it within the realms of possibility for the orange person to demand that any dealings the UK has with the US must be done via Farage? I have a bad feeling. Can I share your blanket?

  3. Although, I haven’t watched this years Strickly, I have read that Mr Balls, is doing rather well and has managed to see off stiff competition. Yep, the way is year is panning out, I believe that he could be the people’s choice. Why not….. At least he will only hold the trophy for 1 year.

    • It’s fun show, Dinah, and Mr Balls is surprisingly light on his feet; I think he has lost weight since the beginning of the show.
      The results are on now and I’m hoping that he at least gets through to Blackpool – which is a big deal.
      I shall let you know.

  4. He must have around 100 kilo – the lady is made from steel. I think it is a technically demanding routine they show, he is wobbling one or two times, but works through.
    I have no vote in this, but wish them good luck.
    Everybody should have a Katyusha at home …

    • I think all the women dancers are made of stern stuff, Mr Mags! I would have loved to have been a ballroom dancer…. it was one of my dreams…

    • I know, Z!! I think it’s his chutzpah that has won my heart! When I first heard he was taking part I thought he was going to be stiff and awkward, but no! I admire how he’s thrown himself into the process.
      Many congratulations to you and Tim!!!

  5. I gave up ballroom dancing when paired up with a young lady 50% of my height who ran off sobbing, so good luck Mr Balls!

  6. I have never feared for a professional dancer’s life as much as I feared for Katya’s last night! Luckily, Ed stuck to his guns and delivered an amazing performance. He seems to be getting better and better each week, so I’d like him to stay in a little longer, but I’d rather he was PM than this year’s Strictly winner.

    P.S. I usually want the comedy couple out by now, too, but sadly Judge RInder is still hanging about…
    P.P.S. Poor Daisy & Aljaž 😦 But, YAY! Greg & Natalie!

    • Yes, I gasped a few times in response to Ed’s lifts…. and I covered my eyes at one point, but you are correct Mr Devine, he is improving! Oh yes, a dancing Prime Minister!! Maybe John Prescott can be persuaded to do Strictly next year?

    • I hope Zoe gives Daisy plenty of time on It Takes Two tomorrow – I’ll miss her, too. And Aljaž. Oh, Aljaž… ::sigh:: Still, at least one more week of Greg will go some way to make up for it!

  7. I’ll give Mr Balls credit for not trying to hide his footwork… How could he in those shoes???
    for a big guy he is very light in his feet and he seems to have managed to get most of the basic steps.
    Down Under the show is called Dancing with the Stars… But I must say that they are having some difficulty finding “Stars” for the show these days. In most recent years the show has been full of network hacks providing for lots of cross promotion with a few sportsmen/women thrown in. Often footy players that can’t seem to keep their shirts on while wearing spray on trousers… Not that I mind of course! Or older hass beens that are so embarrasing to watch i sometimes wish they had been voted off before the promotions for the show…
    Pauline Hanson one it here one year as a political no body and now she has her own party and is a senator… Who knows what this might lead to… a poitical comeback for Mr Balls perhaps?

    • Ms Princess – the calibre of your dancing celebs sounds similar to those we see on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I’m guessing you don’t have I’m a Celebrity in Australia? Where would you send them? I suppose you could send them to Devon 🙂 Where they could try to traverse the county with little means of transport…. or roads…. whilst living off Devon Cream Teas and Cornish Pasties.
      I admire the dress makers on Strictly – so little time to sew so many sequins.

  8. I try to watch strictly but I find it difficult viewing, too glittery for me! Believe it or not, as a child I took ballroom dance classes with a friend whose parents were trophy winners in the world of shiny shoes. The Walz, ChaCha and all those others I can’t remember and at the end of the session we did disco freestyle! It would have been the early 80s so not a pretty sight! These days I barely know my left from right so my choreographed dancing days are over, can only manage freestyle…and that needs help from a few drinkies 😉

  9. Some of the right steps and most of them in the right order…… Actually, his quickstep last week was quite impressive, but I can’t help wondering how many dads are going to be putting their backs out at weddings trying that Gangnam number.

    Oh, roll on the day Boris Johnson can only get the Strictly gig. Or Jeremy Hunt.

    PS for dinahmow, there are all sorts of clips on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bbcstrictly

    • Mr Auty – Let’s put BoJo and Jezza in the Big Brother House…. far away on Channel 5, we can leave them there for several years and simply ignore them.
      Thank you for the link!

  10. I often consider a drafting a good post better than flopping around the dance floor. I don’t really dance. I flop and slide around a bit. So I’ve read the comments – Mr. Balls is a politician. Does he currently hold an elected office? Does he want to leave the EU too?
    A dance off might work better than our electoral college system.

    • Err…. yes… I ought to consider drafting a good post!!! Mr Balls was an MP but he lost his seat in the last general election leaving him free to fly by the seat of his pants in Strictly Come Dancing. I think Balls wanted to remain in the EU.

  11. Goodness, who knew Ed had such talent hidden away behind the politician’s veneer? I can already see him in a multi-million Hollywood musical, gliding through one ballroom after another with the likes of Bonnie Langford. Who next, I wonder? Ed Miliband? Jeremy Corbyn? The mind boggles.

  12. Nick – I reckon Tony Blair will be jealous of Ball’s balls…. so watch this space! Also, Ms Langford is now in Eastenders, so maybe Ed will turn up there. Cross fingers!

  13. I agree with you that the antics and sheer showmanship of Mr Balls are a pleasing alternative to recent political events on both sides of the pond which have left me feeling uncomfortable and somewhat at a loss although, hang on, that’s how I often feel but it seems worse this time. Mr Trump eh. Who would have thought it !

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