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I am still here

I have not been enjoying 2021, and I do not like August – I took against it in 2000, and that was that. To get myself through it I have been reading novels – trashy and otherwise – and relying on my superpower, which is being able to fall asleep on a sixpence.
AND, I have been wielding my nibs and playing with double sided tape – but I seem to have been too lazy to slap up any pics on my blog… so here goes….

Apologies if I have put these pics up before – I’m surprised that I haven’t.

Anyhow, here is a concise list of stuff that I HAVE enjoyed this August:-

Book of the month: The Appeal by Janice Hallett – Laugh out loud funny, my copy will be winging its way to a friend very soon.

TV series: The Morning Show [Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon] – Surprisingly addictive – worth watching for Aniston’s meltdown in the final episode if nothing else.

And finally….

Health tip of the month: The correct resting tongue position really, really, really matters if you have chronic TMJ disorder caused by clenching.

Oh….and Sunday Music….

Calligraphy for Halloween

This calligraphy site is still under construction, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start adding my latest projects to my new blog!

Scribbly Calligraphy

For Halloween I signed up for an exchange with some UK calligraphy friends from Instagram. I wanted to attempt a new style of modern calligraphy… the scribbly unreadable variety where the lettering goes a bit wild and overlaps. This was tricky for me as I’m usually a stickler for making my writing legible – I will sometimes trash an envelope if there is an unsightly letter clash so making deliberate clashes made me wince. I used white Ecoline ink as it is less opaque than my preferred Dr Martin’s Bleed Proof White, and it achieved a ghostly effect I was after. My nib of choice was a Brause 66EF and this is how it turned out…


Suitably creepy…

I wasn’t happy writing it, but I was reasonably pleased with the result and I now feel encouraged to use this style on a larger piece, possibly using a variety of colours. The text I’ve used here is a short black magic spell that I found on the Internet – I think the scribbly treatment worked well with it, although I decided against using it for the envelope… I don’t believe in being mean to Postmen or Postwomen, so I wrote my usual copperplate script for these…



Christmas is Coming!

My next project will probably be Christmas related, if I don’t start addressing my envelopes soon it’ll be the week before Christmas and I’ll be sitting at my desk dashing off addresses with a Bic Biro – and that simply won’t do! I intend to dig out the gold ink and make merry with the red envelopes! Although I suppose I ought to get on and finish this website…. I have a page about gilding to build…and there might be a flash of gothic and a wink of foundational…