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Fine Filter, No Filter

But which one is the fine dust filter???? I am a grown up, I should know these things without having to watch an American demonstrate such things on YouTube – and if I do have to watch a Youtube then I will have to listen to 10 meters of waffle to find the 6mm of information I need to fully understand the mechanics of the dust container on my vacuum cleaner.

I have had this particular vacuum for well over a year. A flashing light started flashing whilst cleaning today so I decided to browse the user manual. Ugh. I am supposed to wash parts of this vacuum cleaner???? I am not good at cleaning. My first vacuum cleaner did its stuff for almost 15 years before I realised it even had a filter. I sometimes wonder if there are other things that I am supposed to clean, but never have. How would I know?

This is the diagram for the dust container:-

It’s a good job I didn’t act on my instinct, which was to rip off the fine dust filter [yay! found it!] in fig.35 and expect to be able to buy a new one. Fig. 40 is still a little bit of a mystery, but I’m sure it will become crystal clear if I hold it under a running tap. Fig. 39 is going to result in a tantrum – those lock/unlock situations always do. I’m sure you don’t want photographs of what I am looking at in reality – you would either laugh, or recoil in horror.

Anyhow, it is January. I always try a little bit harder in January, meaning I will blog regularly for two weeks and then fizzle out.

A tune….