Pens, Pens, Pens…..!!!!!

Too much excitement for my poor little head to think straight! Mr Lax has started a notebook and favourite pen(s) meme. Dinah has already taken up the baton and now it’s my turn to flash my nibs.

First off, these are my favourite pens on my desk…


My favourite pens

These include a Bic Biro fine nib (no blobs with this one, Dinah); a 0.4 Pilot G-Tec-C maica; Mitchell Scroll nib 20; Mitchell broad edge nib no.3; Titanium Zebra G from calligraphy buddy Linda Yoshida; Gillott 303; Leonardt EF Principal nib; Brause 66EF nib, and Brause 361 Steno nib.

I am a bit of a hoarder of pens and nibs…


Nib Storage


More nibs and pens…


Nibs, nibs, nibs….

…and I buy my favourite pens/nibs in bulk…


Mine, mine, mine!!!

….and on a rare occasion I might even put pen to paper…

notebook scribble uk

Some notes from an old notebook…

…and this is what I must do now – put pen to paper – I still have a pile of envelopes to write out, including those for Mr Mags and Princess – I haven’t forgotten!

Next Week: Charmaine does something interesting with a box of crayons, whilst Harold has a weak moment with a loose flange and a pair of pliers.

43 thoughts on “Pens, Pens, Pens…..!!!!!

  1. What a stunning array of pens! I suspected that. But still, impressive to behold!

    In the second and third pix, what is that gold-colored sort-of-key-shaped thingy?

    Mr Device has indicated that he will jump into the fray as well.


  2. Oh my gods! That’s quite the collection. Although I think you’ll have a way to go to be as pen-friendly as Pauline… (I was going to save the video for my own pen & paper post, but it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. Besides, I might have a sudden attack of the Lazies and not do the post).

  3. There’s more than a bit of equipment behind serious penmanship which is why I, with terrible handwriting, only possess one. Mind you, my writing is so poor I could have been a doctor, baring the odd miss-diagnosis. Mind you that’s probably regarded as quite normal in the medical profession. I’ve got myself thinking now about doctors who say “We’ll get it right next time” as the guy complains that he’s had stomach ache all night after going to said docs with a sprained ankle. Great news. I’m stopping typing now 🙂

    • Mr Ducks…. Please, please show us your notebooks! I’m sure they are extensive.
      Good job I’m not a doctor… I would be practicing flourishes on prescriptions… probably take an hour or so to pen, by which time my petients would have expired.

  4. Seeing all your nibs displayed I realise I forgot to show all me other bits and pieces…
    It’s a treat to see all these things. Not too sure about that old notebook and the quilted jackets!Good god!

      • The few British bloggers I knew seem to have dropped their blogs. So this request goes to you. Today I read about (also did a post) this “bemusement park” in the UK. It’s called Dismaland. Do you know of it and what’s your reaction? British humour is spelled differently here you know.

      • Bill – I am not impressed by Dismaland, well, not the idea of it. I think it’s a bit of a hackneyed concept. Brits who remember The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (British Sitcom from the seventies) will understand where I’m coming from! I am usually amused by Banksy, but this recent work does nothing for me…. maybe I’d have to see it to appreciate? But apparently getting a ticket is nigh on impossible due to the website crashing – some believe this is part of the dismal experience. I don’t know, I find the whole thing exploitative…. which maybe part of the whole thing as well!

      • Sadly I never met Mr. Perrin. He reminds me a bit of a teacher I knew, Henry Wilt. I think they are of the same age.

      • Yes, I was referring to this Henry Wilt. I liked the books.

        I looked at some news about “Dismaland”, and found that the artist saied : “It’s a showcase for the best artists I could imagine, apart from the two who turned me down.” (Cited here. There is a list of the participants.) I find it more interesting who turned the offer down – but found no mention of this. Do you know who refused to take part in this exhibition ?

  5. Oh wow. Your pens look fab.

    Dave and I went to an art shop yesterday, there was a special offer on inks. I resisted. It would be a waste of time and money. I don’t have the skill.

    (but the inks were so pretty!)

    • Ms Roses, I know! Winsor and Newton inks look so appealing! And I have bought many inks over the years, I have been seduced by packaging and colour… but, I know now that I only need a couple of tubes of gouache and a few bottles of my favourite inks to see me right.
      Art shops are a bit like cosmetic counters…. they give me the same buzz!

  6. Gollygosh what a collection. I am one of those people who harbour a magical belief that if only I had some smart new implements and stationery, my handwriting would become fluid, elegant, legible (and consistently so), and so tend to wander round expensive shops murmuring worshipfully, while knowing full well I won’t have any occasionactually to attempt any such thing. I was given a Mont Blanc fountain pen as a job leaving present: I did use it to write my thank-you letters, and in the final exams for the course I took then, but it’s hardly had an airing in the last fifteen years. These days, my handwriting tends to be confined to a little scrap of shopping-list. And trying to fit my signature on the back of my replacement credit card.

    • I know, Mr Auty, these flashy pens are so seductive and promise so much…. like the best anti-ageing creams… but, to get the best results you have to look after your skin by eating well and drinking water… and handwriting needs practice – same old story!

  7. Fifteen Bics? Good grief, that must be a lifetime’s supply. Well, unless you’re writing all day and all night, trying to keep up with your fevered imagination.

    “A weak moment with a loose flange and a pair of pliers”? The excitement and anticipation are too much to bear. I think I need a little lie-down.

  8. What a fine array of pens. I only have the common varieties bought from various Pound shops and B&M Bargains. Oh, I did have a go with a fountain pen once, it was absolutely hideous.

    • OBE!! Ms Mitzi??! When did this happened??? Would you like me to write a certificate for your wall. Or on your wall? It would be an honour.
      I steal pens, from banks; people’s desks (estate agents are a favourite target), and these pens I keep in my bag. I meant to reveal this in my post, I just feel that my need is greater.

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