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Missing About

I am querying my decision to call my new avatar Ms Quotes. Originally I thought it was a jolly clever misnomer as it seems to encompass all that I am – I write out calligraphy quotations; I make mistakes; I am female – jolly clever indeed. But perhaps, with hindsight, I was too hasty with this choice as it has now come to my attention that I could have been Ms Chief, Ms Chance or even Ms Leading… did I Ms Out?
Anyhow to quell my feelings of misdirection I have decided to write a series of scintillating screenplays about the Ms Misses, which are bound to be box office hits.
The first in the series will be a futuristic racy romp featuring Ms Guided who travels around the world blindfolded, with nothing but a faulty compass, a dowsing rod, and a camel to help her find her way. Everyone she encounters has teleport technology and 3D printing, but she is determined to prove that the world can be circumnavigated the old fashioned way.
The second in the series will be a dark dramatic tale of intrigue and horror, of subtle nuance and deep thinking, starring Ms Cast who is a sunny blonde with a penchant for slap-stick humour, peek-a-boo bras, and Ms Behaviour. Everyone she encounters has read and understood Ulysses.
The third, and possibly the last, will be a Police/Medical drama which will be an ensemble piece featuring Ms Diagnosis, Ms Apprehend, Ms Begotten and the glamorously named Ms Cellanea. I am not sure of the synopsis for this final screenplay but I am certain that it will have some handcuff detailing… a skirmish in a waiting room… some long lingering looks out to sea… some of it will be shot in black and white… some of it will be spoken in French and there will be subtitles… and possibly someone will fall off a bike…probably Ms Haps.
I am sure that all my readers will look forward to reading more about the production of these torrid tales…. or maybe I am sadly Ms Taken… my faith, Ms Placed…. this could all turn out to be Ms Adventure…

Doing it Large


Very large, approx A2 size…


Big Calligraphy…

This piece is very large! With this piece I was trying to represent what calligraphers focus on when they look at writing… they like to look at the detail. A well written piece of calligraphy has rhythm, flow and consistency… so with this painting I was trying to hone in on what the calligrapher sees.. or what the calligrapher is looking for.
This was painted as a detail of a quotation and not all of the words are represented… so you can’t really tell what it’s about… this was deliberate because this painting is about the shape of the letters that form the quotation and not the quotation itself – if that makes sense?!
In reality it looks quite abstract due to the size of it. I will do more of these. And try to make them a little more vibrant with colour.

On the Patio Today…

With a every new blog comes a new and fascinating series. My new series is called On the Patio Today – this may have been obvious to some via the title of the post, but there is no harm in further clarification. I intend to bring my readers exclusive pictures of my patio… this may sound dull, but it isn’t. Lots of exciting things happen on my patio, such as this…


A snake on my patio

close-up of grass snake

A round pupil means it’s a grass snake and not an Adder.

…and then it slithered off and vanished down a hole in the side of my house; I was a little perturbed by this…. so much so that I gave a little gasp.

….and the second post.

I used to have a calligraphy blog and I had a personal random blog… the thing is that it’s very difficult to keep two blogs going… and my two blogs were very different, they attracted different readerships, so something had to give… i.e I gave up them both!
I loved my personal blog, it was more about creative writing and being a social animal, public toilet reviews, peculiar adverts, strange social habits… but… I started it in 2008 and I’ve changed a great deal…BUT, I would still like to keep in touch with the blogging friends I made there. So this is what I’m going to do, because I am fed up with compartmentalizing myself on various blogs, I am instead going to merge the two blogs here to create one huge diverse, random blog, featuring anything from dental hygiene issues to what to do with a spare cucumber on a rainy day. Should be interesting.