On the Patio Today…

With a every new blog comes a new and fascinating series. My new series is called On the Patio Today – this may have been obvious to some via the title of the post, but there is no harm in further clarification. I intend to bring my readers exclusive pictures of my patio… this may sound dull, but it isn’t. Lots of exciting things happen on my patio, such as this…


A snake on my patio

close-up of grass snake

A round pupil means it’s a grass snake and not an Adder.

…and then it slithered off and vanished down a hole in the side of my house; I was a little perturbed by this…. so much so that I gave a little gasp.

25 thoughts on “On the Patio Today…

  1. 63mago

    As long as no apple is involved. Serpent’s nest comes to mind – I would have certainly not given a gasp, but a yell and a jump on the next table …

    1. Ms Quotes

      I save the screaming and flapping about for when I see a hornet… somehow I can’t envisage a picture of one of those turning up on this blog!

  2. Princess

    Is it poisonous? I frequently find poisonous snakes in the garden… They seem to be a way of life here in Oz…
    Nice combo of your blogs by the way…

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      Not poisonous, Princess. We only have three types of snake in the UK, the grass snake, adder and slow worm. If I see an adder I will take the photo further away and do the zoom thing… or I may just edge away slowly and not bother with a pic.

  3. Jody Brettkelly

    I would love to have a ssssnake pop in for a cuppa, they could even have my one Royal Wedding cup. Sadly we only have skunks who stink up our dog and moles who make a mess of our lawn.

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      I don’t fancy finding a skunk on my patio! But earlier in the year I saw a weasel out there… which instead of running away when it saw me, ran straight towards me. I wish I’d had my camera with me then. I could have also blogged about the baby owl, the roe deer and the lizard… it all goes on out there. I think I may still have some pictures of the dogs from the local hunt, which I intended to blog about ages ago, I will see if I can find them.

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      This is why I am grateful to live in the UK! Adders can kill, but it’s rare… and I bet your hornets are twice the size of ours as well, which would put me in a frantic flappy fit… or, I would be permanently armed with some sort of deathly insecticide. I would be squirt happy with it.

  4. IDV

    Oh, here you are! Cavorting with grass snakes – I should have known.

    I can’t wait to see what else your paysho provides for us.

  5. dinahmow

    Oh! such entertainment on your patio! All the years I lived there I only ever saw one snake – an adder.On Hampstead Heath.And you have the local hunt there, too?

    wanders off, humming d’ye ken John peel…

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      I will see if the hunt pictures are still on the camera… they are quite funny. Dogs everywhere… the foxes laughing from quite a distance….

  6. Palimpsest

    Lucky you, I never see anything like that around here, though I’m told they exist. The Mr was bitten by an adder once, and had to be taken by helicopter to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and miss the party he’d gone to the Western Isles for.

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      I think my poor old cat was bitten on the ear once. I managed to get all the pus out, but she never wanted to jump around in the long grass again, the experience made her fearful of going out and she became almost housebound.

  7. MJ

    I’m charmed by this new series.

    Since you showed me yours, I’ll show you mine. Unfortunately, I never have my camera ready when he visits but take a look at this!

    And then look at him up close and personal.

    Bizarre, isn’t it?

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      They are so cute! I have seen some over here and spent time watching them… a long time ago… and I didn’t have a camera with me either!


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