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Doing it Large


Very large, approx A2 size…


Big Calligraphy…

This piece is very large! With this piece I was trying to represent what calligraphers focus on when they look at writing… they like to look at the detail. A well written piece of calligraphy has rhythm, flow and consistency… so with this painting I was trying to hone in on what the calligrapher sees.. or what the calligrapher is looking for.
This was painted as a detail of a quotation and not all of the words are represented… so you can’t really tell what it’s about… this was deliberate because this painting is about the shape of the letters that form the quotation and not the quotation itself – if that makes sense?!
In reality it looks quite abstract due to the size of it. I will do more of these. And try to make them a little more vibrant with colour.