Missing About

I am querying my decision to call my new avatar Ms Quotes. Originally I thought it was a jolly clever misnomer as it seems to encompass all that I am – I write out calligraphy quotations; I make mistakes; I am female – jolly clever indeed. But perhaps, with hindsight, I was too hasty with this choice as it has now come to my attention that I could have been Ms Chief, Ms Chance or even Ms Leading… did I Ms Out?
Anyhow to quell my feelings of misdirection I have decided to write a series of scintillating screenplays about the Ms Misses, which are bound to be box office hits.
The first in the series will be a futuristic racy romp featuring Ms Guided who travels around the world blindfolded, with nothing but a faulty compass, a dowsing rod, and a camel to help her find her way. Everyone she encounters has teleport technology and 3D printing, but she is determined to prove that the world can be circumnavigated the old fashioned way.
The second in the series will be a dark dramatic tale of intrigue and horror, of subtle nuance and deep thinking, starring Ms Cast who is a sunny blonde with a penchant for slap-stick humour, peek-a-boo bras, and Ms Behaviour. Everyone she encounters has read and understood Ulysses.
The third, and possibly the last, will be a Police/Medical drama which will be an ensemble piece featuring Ms Diagnosis, Ms Apprehend, Ms Begotten and the glamorously named Ms Cellanea. I am not sure of the synopsis for this final screenplay but I am certain that it will have some handcuff detailing… a skirmish in a waiting room… some long lingering looks out to sea… some of it will be shot in black and white… some of it will be spoken in French and there will be subtitles… and possibly someone will fall off a bike…probably Ms Haps.
I am sure that all my readers will look forward to reading more about the production of these torrid tales…. or maybe I am sadly Ms Taken… my faith, Ms Placed…. this could all turn out to be Ms Adventure…

40 thoughts on “Missing About

  1. Exile on Pain Street

    Ms. Quotes is original. Be proud. Regrets are for suckers. The biggest piece of fiction here is everyone understanding Ulysses. Not one of my friends can claim that. Not ONE. I hang out with gutter snipes and the like. Can you work up a treatment for Ms Anthrope? Perhaps she can be the next Bond villain.

  2. Ms Quotes

    Also, does anyone understand Foucault’s Pendulum? The book and precession as a form of parallel transport? Yes, I am googling like a mad thing….

    1. lisleman

      the simple explanation is the earth just turns underneath the pendulum. A pendulum will continue to swing in the same direction if it is not disturbed by other forces. Typical friction brings it to a stop. Galileo studied pendulums. I have no idea how an author could swing that into parallel transport.

  3. savannah49

    re Ulyssess: every 5 years or so, i take it down from the bookshelf and laugh because if i used a bookmark and picked up where i left off every time, i calculate i would be about 20 pages in! now, umberto eco and Foucault’s Pendulum? i have a copy, but after reading In the Name of the Rose, i was eco’ed out! looking forward to YOUR Ms Adventures in the literary world, sugar! xoxoxo

    1. Ms Quotes Post author

      I read about a quarter of Foucoult’s Pendulum before realising that I really didn’t have the brain power to figure out what was going on. Is there a film yet?
      The Name of the Rose was a good film.

  4. IDV

    Ug. I tried Ulysses but gave up after a few lines.

    I’m really looking forward to finding out more about these screenplays. Just don’t let Ms Ile anywhere near them!

  5. 63mago

    Ulysses’ pendulum? A funny number by the Wittgenstein Rompers. Will there be stills of Ms Cast and/or the handcuff scene? And maybe a bit of oil wrestling with Ms de Meanor?

    1. Ms Quotes

      You have inspired me, Mr Mags, I am writing the FOURTH synopsis as I type [which is very clever and dextrous of me] , the oil wrestling will take place between Ms de Meanor and Ms Creant, a vile wretch who fights smeared with crude instead of heavenly scented.

    1. Ms Quotes

      You are allowed, Mistress MJ… but if I change back now this post will be even sillier than it already is…, but I know what you mean…. I may give the other profile authorship rights to this blog, this might be an interesting solution.

  6. lisleman

    I enjoyed all your Ms monikers. I hope to read more of them in future postings. I assume Ms Appropriate will not appear. I think I’m Ms. Understood regarding your Foucault’s Pendulum question. I thought you were referring to the actual device which I just saw at a museum a week ago.

  7. Jody Brettkelly

    I love the Ms Quotes – clever and intriguing. I wanted the strapline on my blog to read: “Nonsense with a Kiwi accent’ which my Kiwi friends liked but Americans did not, they said why would we want to read nonsense?

  8. 63mago

    Can you arrange for me to meet Ms Cast? I would like to learn a bit more about this sunny blonde with a penchant for slap-stick humour, peek-a-boo bras, and her friend Ms Behaviour.

  9. jon

    Can I play Ulysses in the movie version? I speak French, you know! And I read Foucault’s Pendulum twice… no trice: twice in French and once in English! So, do I have the part… without auditioning?
    p.s. Is it okay if I still call you Ms Blue?

  10. 63mago

    Godmylove – don’t you cry Ms Quotes – hey, it’s all makebelive, don’tyouknow … no, it’s easy, “We” are good, all and single one. And YOU especially. No worries. No fear.


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