More Calligraphy Envelopes…..

As I said in my last post I got very bored during the Winter storms… so, yes, unfortunately I have MORE envelopes to slap on my blog… actually, I might have enough to blog about until 2016… JOKE!!! It’s just that when I moved I discovered that I had accumulated an awful lot of stationery, so I thought I’d use some of it up. I will try to do something different for my next post.


Looks corporate?

I have used this mix of calligraphy styles a few times, casual copperplate and roman written with a split nib, but this is the first time I’ve used it with black ink on white paper… which, I think, gives it a sort of corporate formal feel. I usually write these styles in cream on red, and it doesn’t look formal at all! I am a bit of a split nib fan, though they don’t seem to be as popular as they did when I got my first one… which was an Osmiroid [makes a mental note to write a post about my first calligraphy pens]. I like the contrast of these two styles – something flouncy with something simple.


Close up!

It’s funny, but when I wrote these envelopes I started to feel homesick for the south east… odd.
Anyhow, moving on through the never ending pile of envelopes…


Green envelopes.

I found these skinny green envelopes and I was going to write the address horizontally in one long line beneath the name… but I changed my mind… I will save that for another time… I instead chose to use contrasting calligraphy styles – casual copperplate, and a wonky version of lower case letters written with a pointed nib. I was relatively happy with the result, but wanted to jazz up the address… and so I did this…


Only slightly different.

This gives the appearance of the split nib, but it is far less formal and it is written with a Gillott 303 – I just added some extra fine lines as I went along.
So that’s me done for this week! Next week I will try to remember to slap up a post about my early calligraphy pens… and, I do actually still have my very first calligraphy practice pad… and I might share some pictures from it!!!



Casual pointed pen work

13 thoughts on “More Calligraphy Envelopes…..

    1. Scarlet Post author

      …yes, I have a penchant for envelopes! Agreed, each calligrapher has his or her personal style… like with ordinary handwriting… you just can’t disguise it, nor should you.


  1. dinahmow

    Lucky me! I have a skinny green envelope.:-) And I useed to have a split nib.More than one, in fact.I had some dip-nibs.And , coincidentally, I’ve just flushed dried ink(naughty me!) out of my Lamy. Perhaps I’ll write you a letter as a test…


  2. Keith

    Hi Scarlet, fancy finding you here! I was surfing for Calligraphy blogs and when I saw you I thought I know that face from John G’s “Publog”. You can run, but you can’t hide!

    I love your calligraphy. I used to do lettering and calligraphy, but mainly on glass when I used to make stained glass windows for churches and chapels etc. Now I’m retired I spend my time going to the “Hollybush” and annoying John, and making leather covered journals for other people to write in and spoil..



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