….and the second post.

I used to have a calligraphy blog and I had a personal random blog… the thing is that it’s very difficult to keep two blogs going… and my two blogs were very different, they attracted different readerships, so something had to give… i.e I gave up them both!
I loved my personal blog, it was more about creative writing and being a social animal, public toilet reviews, peculiar adverts, strange social habits… but… I started it in 2008 and I’ve changed a great deal…BUT, I would still like to keep in touch with the blogging friends I made there. So this is what I’m going to do, because I am fed up with compartmentalizing myself on various blogs, I am instead going to merge the two blogs here to create one huge diverse, random blog, featuring anything from dental hygiene issues to what to do with a spare cucumber on a rainy day. Should be interesting.

7 thoughts on “….and the second post.

  1. Pat Mackay

    You remind me so much of a friend, and look a bit like her too.
    I’m not sure which frightens me most – a hornet or a snake.
    Could you possibly get that snake in Devon?


  2. lisleman

    I read your comment on Savannah’s blog and browsed over to check your fresh paint. I still have multiple blogs but you are right about having time and material to water two or more blogs. I say the first rule of blogging is you get to make your own rules.



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