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Knees and Tidy Drawers….

Apologies, I have been sulking. I have been sulking because my knees hurt. One aches due to previous dog related incidents, and the other knee feels like it has a penknife lodged in it – not that I have any experience of actually having a penknife lodged in my knee. I spoke to my doctor several weeks ago and he used the word ‘tear’ and the phrase ‘floating fibres’, which made me switch off from everything else he was saying. I am rather squeamish about blood, bones, and suchlike, for example to my ear the word ‘cartilage’ is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard – it makes me shudder. And all those anatomical graphic diagrams of knees – ick, no, can’t look at them. Knees should just work and get on with what they’re supposed to be doing, they shouldn’t be whinging and whining and hurting for no justifiable reason – they should stay under the cover of a decent pair of jeans, behave themselves, and be grateful for a swipe of body lotion and the occasional rub. Don’t I have enough drama from the wonky jaw????
Anyhow, the pain has made me grumpy, and rather unsociable.

To pass the time, whilst sulking, I have been resting, and reading, and also sorting out my drawers. I have found some interesting bits and pieces dating back to 1938, which I will regale you with in future posts, but today I have something far more recent….

Yes, it’s a little hand stitched booklet made by our very own Dinah back in 2012! I came across other bits of blogging memorabilia that has been sent to me over the years, such as postcards from Mr Mags, Mr Lax, and Pete; a picture of the Parliament Hill cats from MJ; and a birthday card from Mr Devine. I will put all these things together somewhere safe, and in ten years time I will find them again – they will make me smile, and I will again put them away somewhere safe…. and I will probably continue this cycle until the day that I don’t.

Yep, I will now return to berating my kneecaps.

Next time: Charmaine has a theory – is it time to break a bottle?