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News [Part 1 of 52 and featuring Sunday Music]


ck. My back is playing up now, and my knee, which seems to go hand in hand with ramped up tinnitus.

On the bright side I have discovered a word that instantly makes Sid return to my side. Yes, a bit of a surprise that any word would make him race back to me, but this seems to be the key, ANY word other than the designated word, such as ‘here’ or ‘Sid’, seems to work. Today I shouted the word ‘Pillock’ across the lawn and he came flying towards me. He is also reacts positively to Taj Mahal.

Yes, I did get hailed upon yesterday, but not badly.

And I did find Grayson Perry on my Sounds app. I shall listen to it in due course.

I’m not sure I would find anything to like about Donald Trump – although I am fascinated by the white circles around his eyes. He is so peculiar looking – all the things I could ask him, but I know, if I was granted one question, it would be about his orange face and the white circles around his eyes. I am that shallow.

To be fair, non binary is probably good for children/teenagers isn’t it? Have I got that right? It’d mean they were all treated the same and given the same opportunities, and they wouldn’t be pressured to go along with traditional gender roles – and then they could make their own minds up what they felt most comfortable with as they got older.

Anyhow, I shall now go and try new words on Sid; he’s bound to respond to the most obscure and embarrassing ones.

Do you think this email would make a good blog post?! Just think, I could create a new series based on my emails!! Or would this be cheating?

Sunday music…