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A Trail of Splinters….

Charmaine glared up at me, her eyes glowing from a small dark hole in the floor, which we referred to as the cellar, but was actually just a small dark hole in the floor capable of concealing two bodies, or Charmaine.

‘Why have you stopped writing The Sunday Ketchup?’ She hissed.

I shrugged. It was a fair question.

‘Am bored with it; nothing has happened; and I don’t like the word ‘Ketchup’,’ I replied, ‘it’s so Daily Mail.’

Charmaine heaved her way up through the floor and stood in front of my desk dusting herself down.

‘That’s ridiculous, Aunt Scarlet! Just post some pictures! Any pictures!’

And then she stomped off, leaving a trail of splinters in her wake and forgetting to lay the rug back over the hole.

It was true, I did have pictures, but I had no words. The best I could find from my very secret journal was: I think Estee Lauder discontinued Double Wear Light foundation because a little went a long way, hence it wasn’t generating enough repeat buys often enough – that’s my theory. Bastards.

I had written few emails, and the best line I could find was: My walks are fairly long for someone with short legs.

By comparison my calligraphy practice had taken an inventive turn:-

I had also thought ahead regarding The Great Gardening Blogging Event 2022, and had taken a photograph of some Snowdrops:-

AND, I had been sorting through my mother’s old knitting patterns in view of using them for future collages, and I’d found this:-

Maybe Charmaine was right, I did have enough content to make a post. All I had to do now was to spin it together and make some sense of it all….without using the word ‘ketchup’.

Next week: Will Aunt Scarlet write something more interesting? Will her calligraphy become legible? Will she trip on a misplaced rug and fall down a hole? Or will she see sense, stop trying to write sentences, and simply slap up pictures from knitting patterns instead? All will be revealed in the next enthralling post on Wonky Words! Bet you can’t wait.

The Sunday Ketchup – Booster week!

I have had my booster. I had it yesterday, so my arm still aches and I still feel a little groggy. I had my first Covid vaccine [AstraZenneca], way back in March and at the surgery I attended there was a feeling of hope; this time round there was more a vibe of resigned gloom. It has been a bad week for Covid news.

There was another storm called Barra on 7th December – so more guffs of wind and more rain and therefore more mud. I was going to entitle this post ‘A Barra of laughs’, but thought better of it.

Meanwhile, I have finished writing the Christmas card addresses!!! Yay!!! All went well until Friday when I spent the day writing one address – this happens with my calligraphy – sometimes it just doesn’t look right, or good enough, so I spend hours trying to make it look at least okay. At the end of the day I might have 26 versions of the same address that look identical. So silly. When I do this it means I have broken my ‘no rewrite rule’.
In my Very Secret Journal I wrote: I vow to never write calligraphy again!

And on a different day I wrote: I think I’m allowing my inner teenager to dictate my choices.

From my emails I wrote the following: I read The Guardian’s report that GPs are working ’til they drop – so was surprised when my doctor gave me time to bring up my knee issues, he usually swerves anything off-topic, and controls the conversation so that it ends when he wants it to – I think he’s okay so long as I don’t allude to the menopause.

Photograph of the week:-

My Money Plant is in bud!

My Money plant is about to flower – I guess this is a good thing?

Finally, no collages due to the calligraphy overload, but a tune. I think I need a tune to cheer me up – something to give me a bit of an extra boost….

Sunday Ketchup – The Omicron Week

So, December started well then, with a brand new Covid variant to send us into panic mode, and Storm Arwen, which plunged many of us into darkness, ahem. Things can only get better?

Meanwhile, I have been pondering my blog – if I am to keep the mantle of ‘Blogger’ I really ought to blog more often; more regularly; MORE CONSISTENTLY! With this in mind I have devised a new hook to hang regular posts on. I will attempt to post every Sunday like wot I used to, and my hook will be called: Sunday Ketchup. It will be a random account of my week and will include quotes from my journal [my very secret journal that I show no-one ever!]; photographs; collages; calligraphy; and, of course, the obligatory piece of Sunday music. How thrilled you must be to read of my good intentions. Again. Let us proceed…

The week began so well, and looked so pink and pretty….

I managed to do some calligraphy for Christmas cards, all was going well…

calligraphy for christmas cards

….but then I wrote this in my journal…

I swear I saw the Grim Reaper, he was driving an old black Audi; he had long black hair, grey skin and very blue eyes. He waved as he drove past – slowly and deliberately. It wasn’t my turn.

….and mid-week I found myself writing this in an email…

This means that on Monday I will ring the Omni Supplier team again, and have another Groundhog conversation with them. I actually don’t think I can bear to do that!

By Friday I was creating collages like this…

…and now I just I want to listen to this…

And that was the week that was. Let’s hope next week turns out better.

Oh, please make a note in your diary – The FGES caption competition will be held on 1st January 2022 and the winner announced on 31st January 2022. Thought I ought to mention that.