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Learning Calligraphy, quirky or otherwise….

These days I mostly get enquiries from people wanting to know how to learn calligraphy, my answer is to point them in the direction of CLAS, who provide a comprehensive list of accredited teachers. I also tell enquirers to visit Scribblers who advertise calligraphy courses in copperplate, roman capitals, italic etc. Janet Smith at Oakleaf Calligraphy also provides an online learning course. It is no good asking me to teach you… I am entirely self-taught, which means I have probably taught myself some appalling bad habits. I wish I had learnt properly from the outset, as it would probably have been quicker, and cheaper.
I learnt copperplate calligraphy from a book – Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters and I taught myself quirky calligraphy from following the advice in Lisa Engelbrecht’s wonderful book – Modern Mark Making. I Recently purchased Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe – which is a superb book covering everything you need to know about writing quirky modern calligraphy… it  has a great projects section as well, which ranges from how to write on chalkboards to making water colour gift tags for weddings, parties and special occasions.


Calligraphy books for learning…

I usually buy most of my supplies from Scribblers, I mostly use a Gillott 303 nib… but to start with I used a 404 because a 404 is less flexible and therefore easier to control. The nibs from Scribblers are HERE. When I started learning copperplate I did use an oblique pen holder, but I now only use straight pen holders… all pen holders are HERE. When starting out there’s no harm in trying a straight and an oblique just to see which you prefer, I like short pen holders like the school pen holder. I am cheap and cheerful 🙂 For general calligraphy and practice I use Higgins Eternal permanent black ink; for ‘best’ I use Schmincke calligraphy gouache.

Some would imagine that the calligrapher is neat, tidy and organised… I wish I was. My desk always looks like a bomb has hit it… don’t work like this, it is hellish and I never know what I’m doing….


My new studio…

Meanwhile, my mantelpiece is tidy….


On my mantelpiece….

Calligraphy Addressed

It is nearly February and I have not posted here since October. A lot has happened. I moved just before Christmas in between rain storms and general wet malarkey. I totally ignored Christmas, which means I didn’t send out any Christmas cards whatsoever. I was a real scrooge…. well, quite frankly, it is difficult to move and ‘do’ Christmas. Moving is very expensive and I had to cut costs somewhere. But, if I had sent out Christmas cards they may have been addressed a bit like this:-


Quirky calligraphy address label

I did miss addressing my Christmas envelopes.

When I arrived here at my new home I unpacked all my calligraphy pens, inks and paints and started working on a Herbert Reid poem called Night Ride… my first attempts can be seen on my Flickr account (see side bar) And here is my second attempt…


Night Ride by Herbert Reid

And this is a close-up…



I suppose I should have written out my change of address cards… but this was more fun! I can do my change of address cards next week…or the week after… hopefully I am going to be here for some time.