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More Sharing…. [Also known as: The time when Scarlet overshared]

Yes, I am in ultra-share mode!! I apologise for the following pictures, I will remove them soon as, and I rarely take selfies, BUT, I seem to be a rare creature who actually looks better in colour than in black and white!!! The black and white filter does not suit me [sob].
I also apologise for the moth-eaten cardy, I call it my dog-cardy and I promise that I NEVER wear it outside the house. And the background…. well, when I took the pic I didn’t intend to publish it on the blog. And my hair was damp. And my eyebrows are mostly drawn in, though they have grown back a bit.
Anyhow, to destroy all mystique, this is me. Hello.

Normal service will be resumed soonish, i.e. one post every five months, and I shall throw a heavy blanket over this ghastly episode, which in future posts will be referred to as: The time when Scarlet overshared.