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Pussyfoot Arrives

Apologies, but 1938 has been difficult to photograph, so I have had to make do with images from this grubby old newspaper. I have no idea why my parents saw fit to save it for posterity, but they saw fit to save all manner of strange unidentifiable items from the dim and distant past – including old love letters – if they were around today we would be having words. Tut.

Without further ado, I bring you…. 1938! Specifically, Monday 28th March. Please click on the pics to view them on an enormous scale so that you can read the small print; trust me, it’s worth it.

Beware trapdoors, and don’t get married too young – it’ll make you want to return to school…

A fascinating view of how those in 1938 recalled the 1920’s…

And to end this post, let’s test our wits – answers will be provided on Wednesday evening, possibly 2021.