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Apparently the UK is set for a windy storm, the forecasters are unsure as to how windy this storm will be, but it may be comparable to the storms of October 2000, January 2007, and March 2008 – none of which I remember. There has also been mention of the storm of January 1990 and THE GREAT STORM of 1987 [cat.87J for those in the know], and I remember both of these… which indicates that my long term memory is much better than my short term. All of these storms are probably mere breezes in comparison to the hurricanes and weather systems that hit the US and Canada… but I am anxious. The thing about the storm of 87 was that none of us knew it was coming, other than the nice lady who phoned the dismissive Micheal Fish to warn him, this time the Met office and the media have whipped us up into an expectant frenzy of anticipation… many of us are expecting to wake up Monday morning to find our roofs ripped off and trees sitting in our living rooms. I don’t see how being prepared helps that much…. other than I have my candles to hand and my phone is fully charged…. Mr Blue is working away from home, and to be honest he really should have changed his plans seeing as he will be camping in a forest tonight. In the south of England. Yes you did read that right. Even though he knew there was a big storm coming he still went. With his chainsaw. Thinking about it though, he could end up being quids in because he might end up having to help clear fallen trees from the roads… yep, knowing him he will go from COMPLETE IDIOT to hero within the space of 24hrs. He does already have a civilian medal type award thingy certificate do-dah for bravery. And it has recently crossed my mind [as recent as 3 seconds ago] that he might be a James Bond type person… this would make sense… I mean how would I know????? Next time he is off on his travels I will follow him and when I am caught I will say: No, Sweetie, of course I didn’t think you were having an affair, I THOUGHT YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE SECRET SERVICE…. my suspicions are never average. Blimey, this could be True Lies all over again. This thought has quite cheered me up. AND if there is any truth in my suspicion then I’m sure this post will be deleted from the internet. I AM A GENIUS.
Anyhow, I seem to have strayed from the point of this post… I meant to write something along the lines of: Big storm coming; Bit scared; Might lose the power; Hope I don’t miss Downton; Will be under the stairs; See you Wednesday.