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Please Follow Me

“Consider one of life’s original situations: that of a ‘Hide ‘n seek’ game. What a thrill to be hidden while someone’s looking for you, what a delightful fright to be found, but what a panic when, because you are too well hidden, the others give up looking for you after a while & leave. If you hide too well, the others forget you. You are forced to come out on your own when they don’t want you anymore. This is hard to take. It’s like turning too fine a phrase, so subtle that you are reduced to explaining it. Nothing is sadder than having to beg for existence”

Calle, Sophie & Baudrillard, Jean (1988) Suite venitienne. Please Follow me. Bay Press

29 March 2007

Hide and Seek

“You can’t win a game if you’re so unimportant that no one notices that you’re playing”

William Horward, The Boy With No Shoes, pg67