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Christmas 2020

Good evening. I bring you this blog post from my sofa. I am whiskey sodden and a little triffled, but this won’t stop me typing up my Christmas post. 
Earlier in the week I was supposed to seek out virtual pressies [as per Dinah’s fabulous meme] for all my blog chums. I thought long and hard about what each individual would desire; I kept a detailed and extensive list in my head. Sadly, I have now forgotten all of it – there might have been a jukebox for Jon, a Tribble for Mr Devine, some old books for Mr Mags, Kew Gardens for Dinah, a box of Codfanglers for Mistress Maddie, a quill for Mr Batarde, a 1960’s cocktail set for Mistress MJ, something pertinent for Nick [soz, clueless, all I can think of is a false beard right now],and a permanent residence in Hollywood for Savvy. But seeing as how I have forgotten all of this, and am incapable of doing links on this device, I have decided that because I am the global ambassador for Ferrero Rocher that I will simply shower everyone with golden nuts instead. Does this make any sense? Am really not sure. Whatever. Shall we see if I can include a tune? What tune?

Happy Christmas!

Bill, I have forgotten Bill. Damn it. Bill must have extra chocolate. And a new drone.

And Looby – I promised an M&S voucher, or was it S&M?
I am going to be editing this post forever… for Rimpy, I was thinking maybe a green pair of shorts would suffice? And Kylie – maybe her dream job?
I will shut up now. The year has been tough enough without me rambling on for the rest of the evening into the ether. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

Wishing all my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Blimey…. I’ve actually managed to produce a Christmas post….