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What Fresh Hell is This????????

Why is there a snake hissing in my head??? Why??? I kid you not. I now have tinnitus. Deep joy. I think I’ve had it on and off for some time, but the volume has ramped up and has become intrusive. It is a constant high-pitched hiss. Naturally I have been to see my GP. Naturally I have rummaged around on the Internet and put the fear of God into myself. The sad thing is that I had a relatively good day yesterday, i.e, the hiss didn’t drown out Strictly Come Dancing, but today the hiss is back with vengeance. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

I will cut down on sugar and eat nuts and try to keep calm. I will listen to more music. I will sing, as singing seems to help. Maybe I will post more on my blog just to moan about it. My GP seems to be of the mind that it is stress related and I am to be referred somewhere. Nobody knows for sure what causes tinnitus… or alopecia of the eyebrows come to that, but I will keep you all updated on this thrilling new adventure.

God, this is awful, and has taken the shine-off winning The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts!!!! Yes, I won, I won, I won!!!!!!!!! Thank you Rimpy!!! Expect a competition around Christmas/New Year.

Here is a tune. I am playing it on my laptop, which has very tinny acoustics and drowns out the hiss.

P.S For Savvy: Did my envelope ever arrive??? I have a horrible feeling it is lost due to me not putting enough postage on it. Hopefully it will arrive soon. I will send you a picture of it so that you can check that I got the address right.