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Calligraphy idea….

This is more of a picture post to help me with my failing short term memory! But I have had an idea…. brought on by reading about what other people think about calligraphy. I will only explain my idea when I’ve actually done it… so the following photo is kind of like a sketchbook note to remind me to do something about the idea…


The first cut is the deepest….

And on a different note, I have been looking at examples of Gothic calligraphy that is appearing all over the internet and I’ve noted that generally men seem to favour gothic calligraphy and women seem to like modern quirky lettering or copperplate… there are some wonderful female letterers who do superb Gothic, but it seems to be a very blokey thing… possibly because the overall effect of it has an aggressive punch. I like the work of Luca Barcellona and Niels Shoe Meulman – they are hugely influential at the moment. I am probably more drawn to the work I’ve seen from Niels Shoe Meulman… probably because he is is a bit more splashy and wild.
Anyhow, I have just found some of my Gothic calligraphy, written just before December 2013… because all the blokes were swearing and cursing in Fraktur I thought I’d redress the balance and write some words considered to be stereotypically female 🙂


Time of the month….?

It’s not brilliant! But it’s an idea to play with… I think I might have a go with a flat brush, as this might give me more of the effect I’m looking for. Plus I must get rid of my natural tendency to slant forward! This could also be a meme… I would be delighted if all the women out there reading this picked up their broad edged pens and began writing really nice words in Fraktur… think pastel colours, gentle words etc… go on, you know you want to…