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Learning Calligraphy with a Flourish!

I have just come across a wonderful calligraphy resource called The Flourish Forum, and I hope that anyone who wants to learn more about calligraphy finds it and joins. It was started by Erica McPhee, lettering & design artist at Paperwhite Studio, in October 2013 and it already has over 1000 members from across the globe! All I can say is THANK YOU Erica for sharing! An amazing feat!
The forum itself is packed with tutorials – totally perfect for calligraphers of any skill level…. and brilliant for beginners – it’s all inclusive and chilled, I imagine I will be lurking around on there on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, I do have plans for a calligraphy post next week… Calligraphy Tips no.2.. it is something to do with this old piece of work I did in 2003…


…from 2003

I’d better get on with it then.