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….until WordPress took away the option to use the Classic Editor for writing posts. Where has it gone??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hasn’t life been difficult enough lately without having to navigate newfangled formats??? Eff it.

Meanwhile, in the calm serene world of Ms Blue, she is still waiting for her hospital appointment to have a tooth extraction – it has already been cancelled once and she is fighting the very real possibility of becoming a codeine addicted raddled anorexic [kidding-ish]. The good news is that the toothache has subsided due to the death of said tooth – it just feels a bit weird instead of radiating complete agony. Thankfully the codeine is no longer needed although it is still difficult to eat.

Distraction techniques have featured some of this:-

halloween calligraphy exchange

Yes, I signed up for a Halloween card exchange on Instagram. I had a bit of a fiasco with my postage stamps due to my inability to add up properly. Being able to add up helps if you want to use swanky vintage stamps when sending cards to places such as the USA, Australia, and Canada. Sigh. I am now out of vintage stamps. I don’t have a stamp to my name. I will slap some pics up of the cards I made after they’ve reached their destinations – if they ever make it!



Yep, as well as postage stamps galore there was also collage! Of course there was.

Other distractions featured listening to very loud music whilst being ironic:


I have another hospital appointment booked for next week. I shall let you know what happens – or you’ll be able to hear my screams, one or the other. Oh yay – I’ve found Classic Editor again!!! There is a God.

Calligraphy Addressed

It is nearly February and I have not posted here since October. A lot has happened. I moved just before Christmas in between rain storms and general wet malarkey. I totally ignored Christmas, which means I didn’t send out any Christmas cards whatsoever. I was a real scrooge…. well, quite frankly, it is difficult to move and ‘do’ Christmas. Moving is very expensive and I had to cut costs somewhere. But, if I had sent out Christmas cards they may have been addressed a bit like this:-


Quirky calligraphy address label

I did miss addressing my Christmas envelopes.

When I arrived here at my new home I unpacked all my calligraphy pens, inks and paints and started working on a Herbert Reid poem called Night Ride… my first attempts can be seen on my Flickr account (see side bar) And here is my second attempt…


Night Ride by Herbert Reid

And this is a close-up…



I suppose I should have written out my change of address cards… but this was more fun! I can do my change of address cards next week…or the week after… hopefully I am going to be here for some time.