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Happy Halloween!!!! [Part 2]

That devil – Mr Devine – has turned me into a mouse wearing a red napkin. I will deal with him later, after I have recovered from the shock of:-

a) Being a mouse
b) Seeing The Terrifying Triffidery Event
c) Getting my foot caught in my keyboard
d) Having a bat flying around my bedroom in the middle of the night, and being too frightened to film it for my glorious Halloween post. I did indeed scream. But bats are harmless.

As it is I have nothing spectacular to say this Halloween. It is cold, wet, and miserable, and looks like this outside…

….and that was at 10am – imagine how it is now!!!

So apologies for my mediocre, less than spine tingling post. I shall finish with a tune so that there is not a huge empty space beneath my well considered words.